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Sara SL Lady

Sara SL Lady
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Weight 7,8 kg
Sizes XS, S, M, L
Color(s) White Burgundy

A compact sitting position, low weight and the complete Ultegra group are the top reasons why the Sara is a winner. The frame impresses with a comfortable top tube as well as a voluminous and safe head tube. The low-friction Easton Wheels inspire on each and every pedal stroke.

  • Compact lady geometry
  • M Blade II 1/4" fork: optimised stiffness
  • Complete Shimano Ultegra compact group
  • Light-weight Easton system wheels



High-performance ladies' model: The Sara features a carbon monocoque frame. S(uper) L(ightweight)! The bike only weighs 7,7 kg. ... The Sara is built in a compact ladies' geometry.

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