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Ahead since ‘91 – the milestones

From the past into the future.
If your roots lie in racing, you adopt a simple philosophy: Push and drive until you reach the finish – in winning position. Here, you can read everything about STEVENS. Find out what we think, where we came from and what we did so far.


The Company

The year of the headstone

The brand STEVENS is established. One part of the business is the wholesale of premium-brands (e.g. Merlin Titan, Ritchey, Shimano, Campagnolo, and many more). The other part of the business is very future-orientated:  STEVENS MTBs and trekking bikes are launched.


The Company

The year of the double-premiere

The first collection of STEVENS bikes is shown on the very first Eurobike (the most important bike fair).

The Bikes

The year of high-technology

Engineering the first full carbon race- and MTB-frames.


The Bikes

Stylish in black

"Black Edition" - the first STEVENS MTB range in pure black. Highlight: "Alu Comp XT."


The year of being „pretty in pink“.

The pink squad a.k.a. the Merlin-STEVENS Race Team. Fast and successful in the MTB and Cyclocross-world.


The Company

10,000 Bikes

We deliver the 10.000th STEVENS bike. Now we sell to 4 Countries with the help of more than 1,000 retailers, thereof 44 STEVENS bases.


The Company

The year of the right business

Launching the "STEVENS Vertriebs GmbH"


Bike-Cops: allways at your service

The Police of Lower Saxony - and later on also patrols in Hamburg and Canada - are equipped with fast STEVENS MTB's.


The Bikes

The year of being fast

Engineering and producing high quality STEVENS race bikes. Here you see the first racer with alloy-frame, named RPR 1. Classical steel-frames are exclusively manufactured in Italy.

The year of cushioning

Introduction of the first STEVENS Suspension bike: MTB 9.5.2.

The year of a dream

A Star is born. Racebike STEVENS Star - the first ever STEVENS Racebike – becomes test winner in magazine “Tour” comparison test.


The Company

The year of the big deal

In the poll of the „Zweirad-Magazin“, we were voted on the second place.

The Bikes

The best year so far

Magazine tests praise the STEVENS MTBs 7.1.2. and 8.1.2. as "Honcho bike of the test" und "Hot Bike and Best deal".

The year of being early

The early bird catches the worm - and all attention. No one ever launched the mid-season-models like our STEVENS 4.1.2.



The year of professional support

STEVENS becomes the main-sponsor of a pro-team, the "Team Cologne". The pro-riders Andreas Kappes and Sascha Henrix experience velocity on their STEVENS bikes.

The Company

The year of best image

The “bike” readers vote
Rank 1 in among all brands: price-quality ratio
Rank 1 among all German brands: brand image

The Bikes

The year of going uphill

The magazine „Mountain BIKE“ voted the STEVENS MTB 6.5.2. as the “Mountainbike of the year”.


The Bikes

The year of two “best bikes”.

“Bike of the year” – STEVENS MTB 6.5.2. (Magazine “BIKE”)

“Bike of the year” – STEVENS MTB 7.5.2. (Magazine “Mountain BIKE”)


The Company

The year of expansion

Our company grew, so we had to move into another buidling. To have enough space for our employees and for our bikes. In the eastern part of Hamburg, we found the perfect place.

The Bikes

The year of the STEVENS 5.5.2

“Bike of the year” – STEVENS MTB 5.5.2. (Magazine “BIKE”)
“Bike of the year” – STEVENS MTB 5.5.2. (Magazine “Mountain BIKE”)


The Company

The year of best quality

STEVENS bikes are assembled in Germany by maximum qualified mechanics. We simply want the best for our bikes – and our clients.

The Bikes

The year of losing weight.

Introduction of the new STEVENS F9 Suspension model. One of the lightest Bikes in its category at the IFMA show 2000.



The year of losing no time

Supporting pro-triathlete Ralf Eggert with the STEVENS Izoard Pro Aero-machine. Very successful – he finished 17th in Hawaii, became 4th at the Roth-challenge.



There is a lot to tell about STEVENS

"STEVENS - the Hero". Author Matthias Altenburg writes about his favourite bike - the STEVENS F9 - he has a lot to tell about it, so the article appears on a full page in the Financial Times. From now on, STEVENS bikes appear more and more in articles and books of this author.

The Company

The year of thinking really big

Launching the road custom programme. It is the biggest kit of the bike-scene.

The Bikes

Bikes of the year: once gold plus twice bronze

It's a distinct conclusion: Readers of the Mag “Mountain Bike” voted the STEVENS M7 Race as “Bike of the year”. But the M6 and the F9 were not bad too. They rank third.



The year of a lost bet that brings success.

Jens Schwedler has given up his biker-career. But one day, he called Volker Dohrmann, the STEVENS brand-manager. Jens said that he wanted to start at the German championships. Volker made a bet out of that. „Jens, if you will be under the top 3, STEVENS will produce cyclocross-bikes“. Jens has won the race, and STEVENS has won the market-leadership. This story is true. Really.

The year of the world champion

Cyclocross Worldchampion Daphny van den Brand gave us an autograph – she signed a contract as a STEVENS rider.



The olympic year

Andreas Raelert, Germanys top-triathlet, reaches rank 6 at the Olympic Games in Athens. He was riding the STEVENS Vuelta (in the Athens-signature-design).

The Bikes

The year of the judgement

The STEVENS Jazz Trekking Bike wins the prestigeous “Stiftung Warentest” yearly bike test. For us, it´s as much worth as an Olympic gold medal and the world-chamipionships.



The year of “everbody wants to have a piece of success”

More and more professional athletes (pro-riders, triathletes and race-teams) ride on our STEVENS “time trial” bike.

The year of the champions

Reaching for the top and therefore founding the STEVENS cyclocross pro team with 4 national champions.

The Company

The year of being very attractive

STEVENS is voted as the "most attractive bike brand in Germany".


The Bikes

The year of perfect engineering

Presentation of a new series of full suspension bikes: Thomas Kamm develops STEVENS Fluent and Glide models. The bike-scene loves these models.

The Company

The year of repeat

STEVENS is voted as the "most attractive bike brand in Germany". Again.



The year of success

Daniel Unger and Lisa Norden become triathlon world champions. They ride STEVENS bikes. Lisa rides the STEVENS SCF1, Daniel Unger rides the STEVENS SLC Team.

The Company

The year of “oops, we did it again”

STEVENS is voted as the "most attractive bike brand in Germany". Three times in a row. WOW!



The year of velocity

Amber Neben (USA) wins the worldchampionship in time trial on her STEVENS Crono TT.

The Company

The most attractive year

STEVENS is voted as the "most attractive bike brand" - reader survey magazine "Trekking Bike". This is very important for us, because we put our heart and our soul in our trekking bikes.


The Bikes

The year of aerodynamics

Introducing the windtunnel-tested time trial machine STEVENS Volt. Highly engineered, optimized aerodynamics, and fully integrated design. The Volt is made for success. Shown on the EUROBIKE.


The year of “going straight through”

STEVENS is the most successful brand at the cyclocross world championships. Niels Albert and Philipp Walsleben become world champions. And Hanka Kupfernagel, the „Grande Dame of cycling“ (8 times world chamipon, 33 national titles), gets the cyclocross world cup.

The Company

The year of a real milestone

The STEVENS "Xenith" - is rated as the "lightest trekking bike on the world". And wins the EUROBIKE´s "milestone of the year" (An award comparable with the "oscar").



The year of confirmation

And again, STEVENS is the most successful brand at the cyclocross world championships. Arnaud Jouffroy and Marianne Vos become world champions.

The Company

The year of going the right way

STEVENS is voted as the most popular trekkingbike-brand in Germany. (Thank you again, readers of the magazine "Trekkingbike")

Additionally STEVENS is voted as Germanys "best bike supplier" (SAZ).

The Bikes

The innovative year

STEVENS gets the IF Eurobike Award for the innovative carbon-roadframe STEVENS Ventoux. But alloy is also pretty successful: The STEVENS Vuelta wins many tests – as the lightest serially alloy-frame.



The year of triple-success

Marianne Vos becomes cyclocross- AND track world champion on STEVENS bikes. AND she is world cup- leader in Road Racing (may 2011).

The Bikes

Full power – the STEVENS Pedelecs.

There´s no mobility concepts of the future without STEVENS. In this year, STEVENS starts its own Pedelec-Program. Therefore, a completely new frame-concept is developed: The STEVENS E-Randonneur.  It contains maximum stiffness, maxium driving-fun and the lowest centre of gravity.

The Company

The year of confirmation

STEVENS is voted as Germanys "best bike supplier" (SAZ). Again. Incredible.



Our “Golden Wonder“ of London

Winning an Olympic Gold Medal and racing to World Champion by setting a new world record, this is what STEVENS rider Miriam Welte und her team mate Kristina Vogel are capable of! First it looked like a Silver Medal for our riders at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, because the competing Chinese crossed the finish line first. Eventually, the Chinese were disqualified for an overtake infringement and First Place was awarded to Welte and Vogel. We are super proud for our girls- and their great victory!

The Brand

Two First Places from “Trekkingbike“ magazine – We are most popular brand!

We could not have wished for a better result from „Trekkingbike“ magazine’s readers. We are the most popular brand to be owned and in the „would-like-to-buy-category. A dream come true!

The Company

Another #1 ranking: We are most important brand for VSF!

VSF, Germany’s association of Independent Bicycle Dealers, is known for its commitment to political and environmental aspects of transportation as well as its tough ranking procedures. Meaning, if you reach top marks in that ranking you must do something right!: STEVENS, also one of VSF new sustaining members, demonstrated just that. We scored a straight A in the „Importance in Product Range“! We also reached top evaluations in all the other categories which is proof of our professional and high quality work, that pushed us from place 13 to 5 overall.


The Brand

Outstanding Work Does Pay – SAZ Gold for STEVENS

In the most recent readers poll by well renowned SAZ trade magazine Stevens won First Price overall for best supplier in 2013 plus major improvements in all single categories. Another proof for our professional cooperation with our dealers and their utter satisfaction with STEVENS. Congratulations, team!

The Company

We hit Seven Digits – STEVENS builds 1000,000th bike!

In May 2013 after 22 years in business STEVENS finally produced its 1000,000th bike. To commemorate this moment, STEVENS reissued a collection of precious steel frames from the time of its foundation. These frames are available in racing, touring and single speed versions. With discreet retro logos and meticulously crafted metal badges on steerer and top tube we will revive the great old times of our company. Do not miss this limited edition!

The Bikes

Continued Success With Pedal Assisted Bikes: E-Courier wins top marks from “Stiftung Warentest”!

STEVENS‘ E-Courier fended off other pedal assisted bikes from 16 competitors in the hardest lab- and field test ever conducted by Stiftung Warentest (Germany’s largest consumer safety organization) and ADAC (Germany’s largest automobile and traffic safety association). The great performance of our crown of modern bike design was achieved with the great work of our engineers. Not only our pedal assisted bikes performed great, also our citycross bike Strada 800 and our trekking bike Jazz won their respective categories making Stevens triple winner with Stiftung Warentest- a prestigious award for our bikes’ high quality!


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