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08/15/2011 09:49 ABaron

Marianne Vos sets sights on Olympic street race

STEVENS racer and exceptional talent Marianne Vos, serial winner in all conceivable disciplines, is going to start “only” in the street race and the time trial at the Olympic games in London next year. So the 24 year-old foregoes the track cycling competition. And that despite the fact that she is the incumbent world champion.

Marianne, who was the UCI World cup leader for a long time and who has already celebrated 30 triumphs this year, states her reasons in a press release:

“I noticed last winter that it is difficult to achieve top level results in all disciplines. You need a very specific training regimen for track cycling, you have to spend a lot of time on the track, which is in turn detrimental for your street racing results. Combining both just becomes far too complicated – and the day only has 24 hours. So I decided to concentrate on street racing. Apart from that, the street racing world championship next year is taking place at home in Valkenburg – and I want to be as fit as possible for that, of course.

This winter, I will ride in track and cyclocross races as preparation for next season. I have learned at the last world championship (where she finished second) that it is absolutely vital to concentrate on one thing to be at peak level. Strictly speaking, it goes against my nature, but London 2012 is simply too important. My coach and I have made the decision, and it wasn't done lightly. And we wanted to go public now, to pursue a clear-cut course. And in order to be able to concentrate fully on the 2012 Olympic Games. I have already won “track gold” in Beijing, so I hope the next gold will be found on the street.”

We also concentrate on one thing: keeping our fingers crossed.

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