Colorado 401

Colorado 401, Alu Raw
Alu Raw
Colorado 401, Alu Raw
Alu Raw
Colorado 401, Velvet Black
Velvet Black
Colorado 401, Velvet Black
Velvet Black
Peso 11.3kg | 11.5kg
Telaio Aluminium 7005 TB
Taglie  27.5": 14", 16" | 29": 18", 20", 22", 24"
Colore(i) Velvet Black | Alu Raw (18-22")


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Fun In Marathons Or On Trails? Colorado 401.

Black or silver aluminium frame with lots of smart details, complete Shimano Deore XT 2x11-speed group including disc brakes, Fox 32 Float suspension fork with 15QR thru-axle and lockout remote - solid ingredients define the Colorado 401. On the trail and in the races you will immediately feel the advantages of STEVENS' trademark agile geometry.

  • Agile and lightweight aluminum hardtail w/ top-notch specs
  • New frame shape w/ boost axle standard for lateral stiffness and internal cable routing
  • Classy Fox 32 Float suspension fork w/ lockout remote
  • Full Shimano Deore XT 2x11-speed drivetrain w/ Side Swing front derailleur
  • DT Swiss Mountain Classic wheels with thru-axles


Boost-Standard Fork

What is right for the rear wheel is even more important at the front wheel - because steering precision matters. This is why STEVENS uses suspension forks and hubs with extra wide axle spacing for all its 29er fullies, the Whaka+ ES and the trail rocket Sonora SL. These 110mm of axle spacing are called "Boost" or "Plus" and stand for lots of added lateral stiffness plus space for extra wide studded tires.

Boost-Standard am Hinterbau

Seit dem Modelljahr 2016 entsprechen die Hinterbauten aller STEVENS-Fullys dem neuen „Boost“- oder „Plus“-Achsmaß mit 148 mm Einbaubreite – und das hat gute Gründe: Die Seitensteifigkeit des Hinterrades erhöht sich um ca. 20%, wovon vor allem die großen 29er-Laufräder profitieren. Und es wird Platz geschaffen für voluminöse Stollenreifen, die auf dem Trail mit besserer Performance und mehr Fahrspaß punkten.

Tapered Seat Tube

The seat tube tapers from top to bottom. At the top it fits a slim 27.2mm seatpost that offers some flex and therefore increases comfort especially when riding over rough ground. At the bottom the large diameter nicley flows into the bottom bracket shell and downtube to provide great stiffness and drivetrain efficiency.


Using water or oil pressure aluminium tubes are transformed from their original round shape into their ideal shape determined by STEVENS engineers to perfectly withstand any load without any weight penalty. This means better steering precision on the trail and higher longevity.

Side Swing front derailleur

Side Swing Umwerfer
Side Swing front derailleur

Our top supplier Shimano made a great innovation here. One that works reliably on any terrain when changing gears at the front has to be fast and precise - be it in competitions or on technical trails. Thanks to its upright axes the front derailleur cage swings outward and forward at the same time, and due to its direct actuation from the downtube only needs minimum operating force.

Versatile cable routing

We keep the cable routing on our bikes as versatile as possible so you can ride your bike like you want to. There are wide and therefore easy to reach cable ports in the frame to insert either one or two cables or none at all - there are cover plugs for any of these configurations. This is also very convenient for retrofitting a dropper post.

Tapered Steerer / Tapered Headtube

Fork shaft (or steerer tube) and head tube are tapered, meaning their diameter increases from top to bottom resulting in a conical shape. The diameter needs to be bigger at the bottom since this is where higher stress is applied - especially when the bike has a higher total weight due to luggage or an e-drive and battery. Also tapered steerers feature a smoother force transfer (like forces caused by hard braking) to the downtube than forks with a continuous 1 1/8" diameter.

Triple Butted, Double Butted

Meaning a frame tube has three or two different wall thicknesses along its length. Triple butted (TB) is the usual technology with STEVENS high-quality frames.
Tubes with different wall thicknesses are optimally adjusted to certain ways of manufacturing or to withstand specific loads. Where the highest loads occur or where tubes are welded, walls are the thickest. Butted tubes allow frame weight to be lower by several hundred grams.

QR15-Steckachse vorn

Die „15“ steht für den Achsdurchmesser, das „QR“ für „Quick Release“, also Schnellspanner – und zusammen für die funktionellste Methode, das Vorderrad in der (Feder-)Gabel zu verankern. Die Vorteile sind bestechend: hohe Steifigkeit, präzise Bremsscheiben-Positionierung und kinderleichte Bedienung. Also stattet STEVENS fast alle Mountainbikes und sogar die hochwertigsten Trekking-, Crossbikes und Pedelecs damit aus. Vor allem bei den 29“-MTBs wird sogar noch die Einbaubreite erhöht – von 100 auf 110 mm, das ist noch steifer.

E-thru Rear Axle

This abbreviation stands for Shimano's thru-axle standard for MTB rear stays that integrates a thread into the dropout. On the majority of STEVENS mountain bikes a 12mm thru axle provides outstanding rear triangle stiffness and utmost precision in brake disc alignement to prevent annoying brake rub.

Smooth Welded

Additional step in welding. The first, rippled weld, typical for aluminium, is covered with a second smoother weld. This not only improves looks but also lowers the risk of notches in this spot, which makes the frames more durable.


Elektronische Schaltungen haben sich am Rennrad und am Mountainbike neben den klassischen mechanischen Schaltungen längst etabliert. Bestechend schnelle und zuverlässige Gangwechsel bei minimalem Wartungsaufwand machen sich eben nicht nur bei der Tour de France oder im Cyclocross-Worldcup oder auf den Cross Country-Weltcup-Strecken bezahlt. Und genau darum sind viele Rennrad- und Mountainbikerahmen von STEVENS bereits „Di2-ready“ – sprich: für die nahtlose Integration von Akkus und Kabeln (anstelle der herkömmlichen Seilzüge) vorbereitet. Und selbst für seine edle Alfine-Nabenschaltung bietet Shimano eine Elektronik-Version an.


  • einfach
  • erweitert


Aluminium 7005 TB
  • Axle: QR12x148
  • Brake: postmount disc 6"
  • BB: Pressfit 92
  • Front derailleur mount: Direct mount (high)
  • Cable routing: internal (shifting)/external (brake)
Forcella Frontale
Fox 32 Float Performance
  • Travel: 100mm
  • Air suspension
  • Remote Lockout
  • Tapered Steerer 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
  • Axle: QR15x110 (29") | QR15x100 (27.5")
  • Brake: postmount disc 6"
Serie Sterzo
STEVENS MTB Taper 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
  • Upper bearing cup: IS42/28.6
  • Lower bearing cup: IS52/40
Shimano Deore XT
  • BR-M8000
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Rotor: SM-RT66
  • Rotor size: 180/160mm
  • IS / 6-bolt
  • 2 finger


Shimano Deore XT
  • FC-M8000-B, 36-26 T
  • BB type: Pressfit 92 / Hollowtech II
  • Boost chain line
Deragliatore f
Shimano Deore XT FD-M8020-D6
  • FD-M8020-D6
  • Side-Swing
Shimano CN-HG601
Deragliatore r
Shimano Deore XT Shadow+
  • RD-M8000-DGS
  • 11-speed
  • Direct Mount
  • Total capacity: 39 T
Shimano SLX
  • CS-M7000
  • 11-speed
  • Combination: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40 T
Gamma Marcie
Zoom 1.50 - 7.56 m, 2*11

Set Ruote

System wheelset
DT Swiss Mountain Classic
Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution
  • Tire size: 57-584 | 622
  • Foldable
  • PaceStar compound
  • Lite-Skin

Postazione di guida

Oxygen Scorpo
  • Width: 700mm
  • Backsweep: 11°
  • Rise: 20mm
  • Clamp: 31.8mm
Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Handlebar clamp: 31.8mm
  • Angle: 6°
Oxygen Havoc
Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Length: 380mm
  • Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Insertion depth min. 100mm
Shimano Deore XT
  • SL-M8000
Leva del freno
Shimano Deore XT
  • BL-M8000
  • 2 finger


11.3kg | 11.5kg
27.5": 14", 16" | 29": 18", 20", 22", 24"
Velvet Black | Alu Raw (18-22")
Laden weight
  • Bike incl. rider, clothing and luggage

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bike sehr gut


Great sports-machine and excellent climber. Because of its low weight, the Colorado it's right on top in the 29in league. In a nutshell: Light, agile bike with great marathon specs.
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Stiff, high-value aluminium frame with high agility in tight corners. Top: Strong forward-drive and good climbing properties.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Altezza Telaio (") 14 16 18 20 22 24 Metodo di misura
Wheelsize (") 27.5 27.5 29 29 29 29  
Lunghezza tubo sella A1 583 583 630 645 655 679 nominale
Lunghezza tubo sella A2 360 406 457 508 540 609 dal mov.centrale a fine tubo sella
Lunghezza tubo sella A3 332 375 423 473 504 571 dal mov.centrale al tubo orizzontale
Lunghezza top tube B 554 578 582 602 623 640  
Top tube orizzontale C 565 595 600 620 640 650 dal centro tubo sterzo al centro tubo sella
Angolo seriesterzo (°) D 69 69 70 70 70 70  
Inclinazione tubo sella (°) E 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5  
Ruota ferma F 1072 1103 1107 1128 1149 1161  
Lunghezza batti catena G 425 425 440 440 440 440  
Lunghezza seriesterzo H 95 95 95 110 120 145  
Inclinazione movimento centrale I 50 50 70 70 70 70 distanza dal mov.centrale al livello centro mozzi
Altezza movimento centrale K 303 303 301 301 301 301 distanza dal terreno
Inclinazione forcella L 42 42 43 43 43 43  
Inclinazione M 238 197 195 162 141 100 distanza del livello tubo orizzontale (fronte - retro)
Raggio ruota N 353 353 371 371 371 371 incl. Copertura
Altezza regolabile O 699 727 772 809 832 884 dal top del tubo orizzontale al terreno*
Altezza gambo forcella P 467 467 490 490 490 490 incl. Base tappo dello sterzo
Distanziale per movimento centrale - ruota anteriore Q 653 683 677 697 718 730  
Portata R 409 439 432 448 465 469 dal centro mov.centrale al centro serie sterzo, in orizzontale
Stack S 562 562 607 621 630 654 center bottom bracket to center headtube, vertical
Stack/Reach (1:x)   1.37 1.28 1.41 1.39 1.35 1.39 ratio stack to reach
Diametro reggisella   27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2  
Lunghezza attacco   60 60 70 80 90 90 centro-centro
Angolo attacco (°)   6 6 6 6 6 6  
Diamentro manubrio   31.8 31.8 31.8 31.8 31.8 31.8  
Set Spaziatori   7.3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5  
Larghezza manubrio   700 700 700 700 700 700  
Lunghezza pedivella   170 170 175 175 175 175  
    14 16 18 20 22 24  

* Valore misurato di 1/3 staccato dal reggisella