STEVENS Hamburg – cosmopolitan and down to earth


STEVENS is one of the leading German bike manufacturers, located in Hamburg. Our range includes road and cyclocross bikes, trekking and city bikes, MTBs, pedal electric bikes, fast ebikes and children’s bikes. STEVENS bikes are sold in over 30 countries, in Germany exclusively by local independent dealers.

Almost all models are built at two locations in Germany and one in Europe. High quality, light, attractively priced and especially long lasting models are handcrafted here. STEVENS purchase offices in Asia and STEVENS’ own personnel for quality assurance working with our suppliers complement our Hamburg team.

Prestigious awards and numerous best-in-test results in trade magazines approve of our way to do business: STEVENS has been voted “Supplier Of The Year” by leading German industry magazine SAZbike four times in a row, for VSF dealers (VSF is Germany’s largest association of independent bicycle dealers) STEVENS has been their ”Most Important Brand” in their range for five consecutive years and the readers of Trekking Bike voted us their ”Most Popular Brand” for the second time.

As a member of ZIV (bike industry association) STEVENS supports the interests of the bike industry and as a sustaining member of VSF we support qualified local dealers. We also support nationwide bike advocacy initiatives like “Stadtradeln” (Cycling in the City) and we campaign for regional and national projects to promote cycling as a means of transportation.

The Design Department

Being hanseatic basically means: down to earth and cosmopolitan, reliable and daring, understated in demeanour and deeply convinced of liberty of mind and action. Hamburg inspires. It is a pleasure to build bicycles in this city. We at STEVENS have lived and experienced this day by day, since 1991.

Constructing a bike from the first concept to a rideable prototype demands a clearly structured work process. Many people bring in their experiences and doubts, their know-how and their wishes. Countless ideas come together for every new bike project. They must be approved, discarded or improved step by step, and in the end they have to be tested rigorously.

All of this happens in Hamburg – with top of the line software, in our own laboratories with our own machinery.

Bike Assembly in Hamburg

Straight forward Talk.
Everyone who has any responsibility at STEVENS lives and works in Hamburg. Here, we come together daily. Here, everything is on the table. Suggestions of professionals who push our bikes to the limit, on and off road. Opinions of dealers, who add their very own knowledge and their customers’ experience. Reports of the in-house quality management and those we read in the press about our products.

Built on site.
It is not far to the assembly plant: From the developers' offices, the STEVENS factory is only a few stairs down. This means, our high-end bikes are made directly before our eyes. What applies to them is also valid for our entire range – despite a few logistics based exceptions: “Completely designed and assembled in Germany”. A commitment to quality that we live and breathe. A commitment that transcends into reality and is aptly described as "joy of riding."

Production based in Germany – German Handcraft

Confidently, we stand behind our first-class suppliers from all over the world. Yet STEVENS claims to strive for becoming the bike manufacturer with the highest amount of local creation of value. That’s why 80% of our bikes are assembled in Germany. We also build all wheels ourselves using high quality components. We also have established a successful custom bike program, that made us market leader in custom specced road and cyclocross bikes in Germany – Made in Hamburg, of course!

Bicycle Mounting at STEVENS in Hamburg, Germany

Short Supply Chains

Among our long term and most reliable business partners you find suppliers who themselves manufacture in Germany. Magura, from Bad Urach in south western Germany, supplies us with hydraulic brakes with unsurpassed reliability. Rohloff from Kassel, Hesse, makes the legendary Speedhub, thats 14 gears get you to the end of the world, if you want to. Your day to day city and trekking bike riding is enlightened by innovative lighting systems by Busch+Müller from Meinerzhagen in the Sauerland region.

As the youngest member we welcome Pinion, whose 18 speed gear box is a true milestone on the way to an even longer lasting bicycle.

Customer Proximity
We ourselves are travelling Germany’s and Europe’s roads, bike paths and trails 12 months a year. We rely on a network of over 500 local dealers, and we know they are well ahead of their competition in terms of knowledge and customer orientation.

We maintain relations to countless faithful customers – and receive a huge variety of feedback, not only since the invention of Social Media. No wonder, we exactly know the demands and requirement of the discriminating German bike market. And no wonder, that we can be happy about widespread acknowledgement, be it when trade magazines ask their readers about their preferred bike brands.

World Champions – Of Today and Tomorrow

STEVENS MTB Racing Team, Christian Pfäffle

Since its inception in 1991 STEVENS is closely connected to competitive cycling. This is because our founders, Werner and Wolfgang von Hacht, were competitive cyclists themselves. This resulted in an obligation to support others on their road to success in the best way possible and with personal commitment.

German Triathlon Champion Ricarda Lisk

We support numerous athletes and teams on national and international levels in many ways – from ambitious U19 teams to world champions - among them well known cyclocross, road and mountainbike teams as well as triathletes. We support “Bund Deutscher Radfahrer” (German Cycling Federation) and we equip schools and cycling clubs. In addition we sponsor sporting events like the 2014 Cross Country European Championship at St. Wendel/Germany.

Top athletes and world champions like Marianne Vos, Hanka Kupfernagel, Niels Albert, Philipp Walsleben, Stefan Nimke, Miriam Welte, Daniel Unger, Lisa Norden, Amber Neben and many more are being or have been supported by STEVENS. Not only our athletes have benefited from this. They provide useful feedback about durability and handling properties that we can apply in the design and development of our bikes.

Our teams and athletes fight for victory in track world championships. They compete in world cup races, tear up the competition in the German National Series, and they occupy podiums during the cyclocross season in winter.

STEVENS Racing Team

STEVENS Racing Team
Since our STEVENS racing team was founded in 2003 it has left a mark in the German cyclocross racing scene. More than 30 national gold medals and numerous podium placings in the elite, women’s and junior category have already been won by our team.  Jens Schwedler’s success in the Masters’ class in 2009 and 2010 were the only international achievements.

Today, Jens is one of our coaches and passes on important knowledge to our young talents. We take youth development very seriously. STEVENS Racing Team has always consisted of experienced athletes as well as aspiring talents.

Team Vorarlberg

Youth Development
The youngest team – both in terms of average age of its riders and by date of foundation – the U19 National Series Team of the Hamburg Cycling Federation has been supported by us since last season. Also we have been collaborating with the Kaiserslautern Athletic High School for years. This school has brought forward distinguished cyclists like 2012 Olympic Track Champion Miriam Welte and current German Junior Time Trial Champion Lisa Klein.

STEVENS Dealer- Sponsoring
Through our STEVENS dealer sponsoring program, we offer our trusted dealers to sponsor licensed athletes themselves. About 150 riders benefit from this program – from best support and the best material.

Being Curious – Research & Development

Research & Development

Curiosity is an engineer’s basic requirement when developing something new. In German curiosity means ”neugier” which literally translates to ”greedy for new”. And that is what we are indeed, we constantly strive for the even better solution, the different approach, in a nutshell: The bike of tomorrow. That’s how we do research. Always looking for the next generation STEVENS. With undiminished passion for over 20 years.

Total Liberty
Our engineers have everything they need: the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software, machines and test facilities, material and lab equipment. Lots of time for expanded test rides and especially: The liberty to scrap projects even in very advanced stages of development, if they do not keep up to our expectations.

Carbon Frame Detail

Maximum Riding Experience
This is our prime objective for every new STEVENS bike. Countless reviews in bike magazines give written proof how well we keep that promise. Be it efficient, yet comfortable road racers, well balanced pedal electric bikes, trekking bikes that can take the beating of everyday use or full suspension MTBs, finely tuned to any kind of terrain – in the end it’s all about control, comfort, performance. Time and time again.

Development of new Frames

Carbon Competence
Right from its beginning in 1991 STEVENS took a chance on carbon in frame building. Resulting in more than 20 years experience with this exceptional material. Ech carbon frame is designed and developed in our Hamburg facilities. Our capable partners in Asia hand build these frames according to our strict guidelines.

This is the only way to get the most out of this high modulus fiber’s unique properties. E.g. rear stays: To make it laterally as stiff as possible yet vertically compliant in order to provide high comfort, you need a lot of know-how about fiber lay-out and force progression. The same goes for drop outs or integrated bottom bracket and headset interfaces, all carbon masterpieces - engineered in Hamburg.

Best Suppliers
We don’t need to do everything ourselves. Because we do not lower our requirements for purchased components, we only consider the very best suppliers. Of the kind, where even the world’s fastest pro riders have to apply to be on the waiting list – like Lightweight, the Bavarian wheel wizards. Or AX Lightness, whose cockpit components enjoy a legendary reputation among light weight fanatics.

Since 2011 there is a recycling facility for carbon located in the town of Stade. Stade is right around the corner from Hamburg. It is only consistent for us to be on board as the first bike manufacturer. Carbon parts like crashed frames or those, which did not pass the quality test are being recycled since then, and their valuable fibers can be used as base material for new products.

Quality – Full Control

Quality Control

There’s two properties STEVENS bikes are known for. They are very light. And they are very, very durable. Let us tell you a secret: We succeed in combining these properties, because everything we develop, we test, test and test again. Not only in the final phase, when our engineers are applying their finishing touches to their achievements, but even after during serial production.

The stock product must keep what the prototype has promised – time and time again. That is why we do not separate development from production. That is why our designers are personally involved in and responsible for the assurance of quality in serial production, so they test and test and test again.

Quality Control

Independent Expertise
To assure quality we don’t only rely on ourselves. In this aspect we are relentlessly objective. We want to be rigorously observed from the outside. For this we have a trusted partner, the “Zedler institute for Bicycle Technology and Safety”. Master Engineer Dirk Zedler is well known, appreciated, officially certified, court appointed bicycle expert with over 20 years’ experience as a bicycle evaluator.

Thanks to his support we exactly know our products’ qualities. Frames, no matter if made from carbon fiber or Aluminium, forks, seat posts, wheels - we had them all tested thoroughly in exactly that very combination we put them on our bikes. That’s why STEVENS bikes can be so light and so durable at the same time.

Self Awareness
There are very few, if any, STEVENS employees, who are not avid cyclists. Those who are, spend thousands of miles in the saddle, some of them doing their groceries with a kids’ trailer, others winning cyclocross world championships in the Masters’ category.

By this ”large scale survey” any lack of quality or flaw can be detected. Our development engineers will make sure to listen very closely, because that is what you do when you have lunch with these people on a daily basis. But this you will experience yourself.