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British Cycling Weekly tested Super Prestige Disc Di2 in English winter

STEVENS Super Prestige Disc Di2 in Camouflage

Past season, Mathieu van der Poel won 22 races on STEVENS Super Prestige Disc, Sanne Cant won the Belgian Championship as well as the World Championship on this top-class cross bike. Reason enough for the editors of English Cycling Weekly to test the successful bike from the Continent themselves.

Obviously the test rider was impressed the most by the electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset: “Unlike manual shifting that becomes fuzzy when cables get clogged with dirt, electronic gear changes remains precise, even under load which helps you keep moving over more tricky terrain,” the test reads.

Editors also liked the light touch of the shift levers, even when wearing winter gloves. “Braking is effective with good modulation and a light touch as you’d expect from a hydraulic system.”

Also trough tricky terrain navigation of Super Prestige Di2 was safe and easy, the bike was relatively comfortable to shoulder, too, on running sections. With a cassette going down to 28 teeth, the cross bike was high geared enough to climb steeper uphill’s, editors stated.

There was a lot of clearance around the carbon frame’s high fork crown and the bridgeless seatstays to prevent clogging on muddy courses.

Speaking of muddy: the mud that is unavoidable on forest paths and cross tracks quickly showed its effects on the white accessories and details of the Camouflage frame and would need a lot of cleaning, the test rider concluded (editor’s note: something that should be done after every ride on a high-quality piece of sports equipment anyway).

Apart from the fact that the test rider would have preferred tubeless tires for the compatible high-quality DT Swiss wheels, Cycling Weekly had no further reason for criticism.

Conclusion: “For a top-class cross bike Super Prestige Disc Di2 is relatively modestly priced, especially considering the Ultegra Di2 groupset. A well specced and well braking off-road bike.“

STEVENS Super Prestige Disc Di2 is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 centimeters in Camouflage as well as in White Red at STEVENS specialist dealers.

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