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Carsten Schabacher

For Friends of the Long Distance

The STEVENS Ventoux Disc Custom is a comfortable marathon road bike for long-lasting riding fun with perfect characteristics, Tour Magazine concluded in its 3.2017 edition.

Marathon road bikes like STEVENS Ventoux Disc are just the right bikes for ”friends of the long distance and fun-oriented occasional riders”, TOUR says. They differ from competition road bikes by their more upright seating position.

This position, ”which is a treat for riders who do not compete in actual races” results from a relatively short distance between saddle and handlebar but also from the somewhat higher handlebar. For the same reasons the seating position on the Ventoux Disc is a little more comfortable. When reducing the number of spacers under the stem though, you can achieve a quite sporty position.

The difference between race-oriented road bike and marathon bike also becomes obvious in the specs: tires of 25mm even 28mm width – like mounted on the Ventoux – are state of the art. Wider tires are a little heavier but roll easier than narrower tires pumped up to the same pressure and provide better cushioning on uneven surfaces.

Other sure signs for a marathon bike are wide-spread gears with 50/34 teeth compact cranks and an 11-32 teeth cassette – like mounted in the Ventoux Disc. Though for the time being disc brakes are not legal for officially sanctioned races, they become increasingly popular with marathon road bikes. Their advantage: Better modulation and far better baking in the wet.

Disadvantage: A higher weight of up to one kg. With the Ventoux you have the choice of either disc brakes or conventional rim brakes.

The STEVENS Ventoux Disc can be custom-spec’d to personal preferences such as frame size, stem length, handlebar width and crank length but also component group. The comfort-oriented specs of the tested bike fit the concept perfectly, TOUR said: Mounted on wide DT-Swiss rims the top-shelf tires (Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II) are effectively 30mm wide. Electronic Di2 shifters, very low steep-hill gears, state-of-the-art brakes and a handlebar wrapped in thick, well-padded tape provide lots of riding fun even after many hours on the road.”

Conclusion: Very stable frame, countless spec options, many sizes: The Ventoux Disc feels very quick when accelerating and is a nimble handler. With the chosen specs it provides lots of riding fun even after many hours on the road.

With the custom-chosen specs including Shimano Ultegra Di2 group plus disc brakes, DT-Swiss RR Dicut wheels the STEVENS Ventoux Disc sells for approx 4,500 Euros. Using the STEVENS Custom Configurator you can spec the Ventoux Disc – among others – with seven shifting groups and six wheelsets.

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