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Light Speed Pedelec With Top-Shelf Specs and Secure Handling

When you decide to buy the STEVENS E-Triton 45 you get a light speed pedelec with top-shelf specs and secure handling – that’s the verdict of E-BIKE Magazine’s editors after a thorough lab and road test in their January 2017 issue.

STEVENS E-Triton 45

„The STEVENS E-Triton 45 easily manages to keep the balance between the classic appearance of a bike with well-rounded handling and the secure ride of a fast e-bike,” this is how E-BIKE’s editors conclude the bike’s most important characteristics right at the beginning of their test report.

The E-Triton 45 convinced the testers with its well-balanced sporty ride behaviour. It combined sporty genes with great every-day usability and also thanks to its maximum speed of 45kph (28mph) – riders of average fitness may reach 28 to 35kph (17-22mph) - is most suitable for long-distance commuting, the testers pointed out.

Even at high speed this s-pedelec would handle safely and directionally stable. At the same time it was pleasantly nimble and offered a slightly sporty seating position. Its resistance to lateral vibration was considered ”high” by the editors.

They also liked the for an s-pedelec comparably low weight of 23.2kg (51lbs) that is very evenly distributed within the bike. Even when rider weight is of lesser importance due to the powerful motor, everybody who has to carry their bike downstairs into the cellar or lift it into a train car will be happy for every kilogram saved.

The secure handling is also contributed by the sensitive suspension fork and the comfortably wide handlebar. All in all, specs as well as craftsmanship were high-quality. In addition the Bosch motor delivered exceptional acceleration when needed.

Conclusion: Light pedelec with a sporty well-rounded handling. Specs and craftsmanship are outstanding.

The STEVENS E-Triton 45 is available in the Gent (men’s) version in sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61cm. In the Lady (trapezoid frame) [Link] version the S-pedelec is offered in sizes 46, 50 and 54cm. 

Definition S-Pedelec
(the following description refers to the legal situation in Germany and most EU countries, please check which legal requirements apply in your country and area of living).

S-pedelecs, or speed pedelecs, have a motor that supports the rider’s pedalling effort to a speed of up to 45kph (28mph). They are legally considered mopeds and required to be registered and insured. As such they are only allowed to be ridden on bike paths open to mopeds. For E-BIKE’s editors they are therefore most suited for long-distance commuting.

Also the editors point out that, as opposed to regular pedelecs that offer motor support up to 25kph (15mph), transporting children in child seats or trailers is not legal with mopeds.

Apropos registration: E-BIKE also points out that any alterations such as changing components can result in loss of insurance coverage. ”If you change brakes, lights, seatpost or wheels, you might lose the operation permit to your e-bike. What changes are legal can be found in the related documents – just like with cars.”

Replacing parts for identical ones is allowed, of course. STEVENS Vertriebs GmbH strongly recommends, when planning any alterations to contact your local STEVENS dealer.

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