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Perfect Travel Companion With Agile Handling

Trekkingbike Magazine’s team tested the STEVENS P18 Lite with Pinion gear box and maintenance-free Gates belt drive in their March 2017 issue and called it ”a top-class bike with a wide range of use."

”An example for great handling - light, yet stable” – qualities that were beyond what Trekkingbike’s testers could have wished for. ”This is what the guys from Hamburg are simply good at”, they said after a thorough lab and road test of the STEVENS P18 Lite.

It was a Pinion bike with ”a very wide range of use – including travel bike for riding paved and unpaved roads.” For long-distance use with lots of luggage the ”exceptionally sturdy, light fork” can be retrofitted with a low rider pannier rack. With its thru-axle mounts it also provided exact brake disc placement and ”above-average easy steering”.

This was matched by the overall good geometry. It ”delivered a comfortable seating position with just the right amount of sportiness to support quick and efficient riding,” the editors said.

The fast, grippy Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires would also contribute to the bike’s versatility. The ”ideally placed” Racktime pannier rack features a maximum legal capacity of 25kg (55lbs).

According to measurements by Trekkingbike it carried a 22kg (48.5lbs) weight with absolutely no problem.

A strut running under the mudguard and propped against the dropout made the rack torsionally stiff. The 18-speed gear boy from Pinion was only a marginal issue. With its 18 evenly stepped and wide range of gears it meanwhile has become the epitome of travel culture and indulgence.
The long mudguards also were very much to the testers’ liking, just as the ”top lighting set” from Busch+Müller, the sturdy kickstand and the overall quick handling.

In short: ”The P 18 is a perfect every-day companion with well-chosen specs and quick handling.”

The STEVENS P18 Lite in Anodized Black is available in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58 and 61cm and sells for 3,799 Euro at certified STEVENS dealers.

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