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Carsten Schabacher

The Incarnation of Versatility

Vojo Mag from Belgium praises the Jura Carbon ES Di2’s versatility - in the specs as well as in its superior ride qualities, perfect for marathons and touring – which it is awarded for with the magazine’s ”Prix d’Excellence”.

In its test report about the Jura Carbon ES Di2, Vojo Mag from Belgium follows the classic approach by starting with the outer appearance. ”At first sight the Jura Carbon ES is rather inconspicuous.” The looks with its low-key decaling are quite appealing. When you look more closely you discover a lot of details which the eye simply wants to behold.

Like e.g. the clean cable routing, the top-notch 29” wheels, high-quality paint job and the well-chosen specs. Everything about this bike is confidence-inspiring, you immediately become aware of the fact that STEVENS does not design its bikes solely on the drawing board, Vojo Mag concludes.

Top-Shelf Specs and Nice Details
Also the frame weight was remarkable: When checking the scales it was even 60grams below the weight stated in the catalogue. The 18”-frame test bike’s overall weight was 11.74kg (25lbs 14oz) (note: Overall weight may vary within a certain range due to the many different components).

Very much to the testers’ liking were the internal cable routing and the inconspicuous positioning of the actuator battery which is housed inside a compartment in the downtube close to the bottom bracket (note: the battery compartment is part of all four Jura Carbon models, this way also the entry-level models can be retrofitted with electronic shifting).

The electronic Shimano XT Di2 shifting components wouldn’t make the fully any cheaper, yet it shifted superbly and compared to other 29” carbon fullies in the market equipped with XT Di2 it almost is without competition price-wise.

Intermediate verdict about the specs: STEVENS is no cheapskate when it’s about specs. The finishing kit is high-quality, we really don’t have the impression that someone tried to save a few pennies.”

Solid Marathon Bike Which Likes to Jump
With its 120mm of travel the Jura Carbon ES was a solid marathon and touring bike. Or in other words: a reliable companion for friends of long, ambitioned outings. ”It handles any type of terrain without complaint and always keeps its calm even over rough surfaces.” Geometry was well-balanced, the ride felt stable and you just feel good in the saddle on the trail.

When riding trails the Jura Carbon ES Di2 also felt effortless: ”You never got the feeling that you had to pull hard on the handlebar”, the testers said. In steep climbs as well as in long descends the bike proved to be as stable as necessary. It reacted quickly, was easy to accelerate and preserved the rider’s energy, who therefore was able to stay in the saddle for longer.

Also, ”the Jura Carbon had somewhat of a playful side”, the testers added. ”It likes to jump and loves to rip corners. Yet, it always remains controllable and forgives little mistakes. A pleasant surprise!”

”One could complain that the Jura Carbon ES wasn’t flashy, and maybe for some riders it’s not aggressive enough. But it is absolutely suitable for riders who not only want to speed downhill but also want to ride long tours without getting tired.

The test showed that STEVENS is capable of mastering the art of this compromise. They managed to position the Jura carbon ES between the categories of cross-country and enduro. A charming bike that is not too extreme.”

The STEVENS Jura Carbon ES Di2 is available in sizes 18, 20 and 22in with 29” wheels. In size 16in it uses size- and handling-appropriate 27.5” wheels.

The Jura Carbon series starts with the Jura Carbon with aluminium rear stays and Shimano SLX group for 2,999 Euros. The Jura Carbon ES is equipped with mechanical XT group but otherwise features the same specs as the Jura Carbon ES Di2. The top-of-the-line Jura Carbon Team with Shimano XTR Di2 shows what’s possible in terms of specs and handling.

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