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Carsten Schabacher

Your Dream bike In Ten Easy Steps

STEVENS’ Custom Program Offers You More Than 200 Million Options To Choose Your Dream Bike

STEVENS Ventoux Custom at work

A road bike is supposed to fulfil its rider’s requirements, demands and wishes down to the smallest detail. That is what we offer our STEVENS Custom Program for.

Our bike configurator is one of the largest and most detailed online assembly tools for road bikes in the market with currently seven frames, from ultralight climbing bike to aerodynamic time trial machine.

With top-shelf components from Shimano and Sram plus numerous options for brakes, wheels, stems, handlebars ... up to accessories like bar tape and cable housings in matching colours.

Ordering is only possible through your certified STEVENS dealer, who will gladly offer all his/her experience to make sure your configuration actually fits you exactly.

You set up your bike from a huge component selection of theoretically 200 million options. And we build it for you – in the STEVENS custom work shop right at our company’s headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, where our best and most experienced mechanics provide their utmost knowledge and passion for high-quality cycling technology.

Just try the online configurator, which will lead you through ten easy steps on your way to your new dream bike. Or you work through the options together with your local STEVENS dealer while benefitting from his/her tips and recommendations. Are you ready to go?...

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