FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the correct frame size for my bike?

Which size suits you best is best determined by consulting your STEVENS specialist dealer and a test ride. Your dealer is experienced and has a trained eye. Maybe he will offer you several sizes of the same model. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on the bike after all.

As every body has different proportions – lengths of legs, arms, upper body – it is difficult to make general statements via remote diagnosis. Furthermore also individual preferences of how to sit on the bike are of importance.

The following formulas may help you with a first assessment:

Stand with your back against a wall, at best wear nothing but underwear, put a book, a level or the like between your legs with its spine firmly up against your crotch. There should be a right angle between legs and book. Measure from the floor to the spine of the book.

Multiply this value for the different bike types as follows to get the frame size:

  • Trekking or touring bike: 0.66
  • Road bike: 0.66 + 2
  • Mountainbike hardtail: 0.226 (for inch specifications)
  • Mountainbike fully: 0.225 (for inch specifications)

If the value lies between two frame sizes, we advise you to go for the smaller frame size. Please keep in mind: this value only indicates the correct size of the seat tube, not how stretched out or upright you sit!

Where do I find information on older STEVENS bikes?

All information on bikes of STEVENS' model years up to 2010 are to be found here under production years. As usual you will find detailed information on specs, color options and geometry.

It is very likely, however, that those models are no longer commercially available.

How Many Kilometers Does My Pedelec Battery Last?

How far you can ride with a pedelec cannot be answered by a single data. The range of a pedelec system depends on a variety of different and sometimes changing factors which all have an influence on the efficiency and electricity consumption of a pedelec. At the time there is no uniform industry-wide standard to define range.

The major factors to determine range are the technical properties of motor and battery – capacity measured in watt hours (Wh) - and in which level of support the pedelec is ridden. Average speed and pedaling cadence also do play a role.

Other important aspects are the weight of the bike, rider and cargo adding up to the system’s overall weight but also tire profile and pressure and seating position which influences wind resistance – they all are affecting battery life.

Then there are environmental factors: The hillier the route and the stronger a head wind the more the motor has to work to overcome the additional resistance. Also the smoother the surface the less energy the pedelec uses. And many repeated stops and starts force the battery to consume more energy than an even power output.

The ebike systems branch of BOSCH has developed a range assistant, featured on their web page, which takes into account all the factors mentioned above. On this page you can estimate the approximate range of your STEVENS pedelec. In addition to using the range assistant we also recommend to factor in some extra kilometers for safety to be prepared for spontaneous detours and, when possible, not only recharge your own battery but also that of your STEVENS pedelec.

How do I get a current STEVENS catalog?

Please ask your STEVENS dealer for a printed STEVENS catalog covering the categories Allround, Sport and Pedelec.

You can also download our catalogs as PDF documents or read them on your screen.

Via this site's contact form you can also order our catalogs to be delivered to you by mail. We kindly ask you to switch to the respective tab and to complete the form. Otherwise we will not be able to send you a catalog.

I lost my STEVENS manual – how do I get a new one?

All current STEVENS manuals are available for PDF download on this site's download area.

What is the maximum permissible load of a STEVENS bike?

There is indeed a maximum permissible overall load for all our bikes. It consists of the bike's weight, the rider's weight and the luggage carried.

The following maximum permissible overall load of STEVENS bikes is as follows:

  • Allround: 130 kg
  • Pedelecs: 140 kg
  • Mountainbikes: 115 kg
  • Kinder-MTB und Kinderräder: 65 kg
  • Rennräder: 115 kg

If different, the indication “Laden weight” on the respective model's page (Eqipment/Data) applies.

My bike is damaged. What am I supposed to do?

For technical questions about your bike, please contact your STEVENS dealer. He as your contractual partner is responsible for handling guarantee and warranty issues with STEVENS Vertriebs GmbH and other suppliers/manufacturers.

For comprehensive and rapid processing we recommend taking your proof of purchase (receipt) to the dealer.

I crashed with my STEVENS road or mountainbike and the carbon frame is damaged. What am I supposed to do?

Starting with production year 2010 we grant a special reduction of 50 percent on all purchases of replacements for STEVENS carbon road and mountainbike frames in case of a crash.

The conditions of the STEVENS Crash Replacement program:

  • The offer is only valid for original owners and frames starting with model year 2010.
  • Complete bike or frameset have to be purchased at an authorized STEVENS dealer.
  • The offer is only valid within two years from date of purchase. The damaged frame has to be sent in by a STEVENS dealer, receipt and damage report included.
  • In consultation with the dealer, STEVENS will make a proposal/offer for a replacement frame (due to model changes the same color/version may sometimes no longer be available).
  • Rennrahmen sind incl. Gabel, Full Suspension Rahmen ohne Dämpfer.
  • Road bike framesets are delivered fork included, full suspension frames without suspension. Frames replaced under warranty/guarantee or frames already replaced within our replacement program are excluded from the program.
  • The offer does not apply in case of negligent or willful damage. STEVENS will not bear the cost of assembly and delivery.