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The STEVENS Aspin Custom with SRAM Force group and Mavic Ksyrium wheels performed well in the RoadBIKE test as a ”nimble sports tourer good for high speeds” and also received a ”configurator tip” due the huge amount of choices in the Custom Program.


How much road bike do you get for 2,000 Euros? RoadBIKE magazine asked. And, for the test in their 7.2017 issue invited manufacturers to send in their best bike for this price. STEVENS took part with the Aspin Custom.

The custom version differs from the stock model by the Sram Force group and lighter Mavic Ksyrium wheels. The editors praised the idea of having a custom option in this price range and awarded the bike with the ”configurator tip”. Up to the price limit of 2,000 Euros the question is also if the bike should be based on either a carbon or an aluminium frame.

While alloy frames are mostly more cost-effective they are usually completed with better groups and wheels. Carbon frames on the other hand can be lighter and can offer more comfort – this depends on thorough evaluation, though, the editors say.

Among the stationary dealer-sold bikes The STEVENS Aspin despite its aluminium frame was the lightest. In every day-use lighter wheels have a more noticeable impact than a lighter frameset.
To go for lightweight wheels was almost a given when making the most out of the 2,000-Euro price limit – not by coincidence lighter wheels are the number one recommendation for upgrades. In the test the ”nimble, high speed-capable sports tourer” was to the editors’ liking. It accelerated fast and offered flawless, easy steering – delivering a totally convincing performance.

Conclusion: The versatile tourer is a nimble, direct and always predictable ride. Customizable for a very fair price the Stevens Aspin is a great choice for discerning riders.

The STEVENS Aspin as a stock model is available with Shimano Ultegra group and Mavic Aksium wheels for 1,699 Euros. In the STEVENS Custom Program the bike can be customized with various drivetrain groups, wheels and finishing kit parts while handlebar width, stem length and crank length can be fitted to personal measurements.

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