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Carsten Schabacher

Gates – Bikes With Lots Of Fun Under The Belt

For city cruising and touring – comfortable or sporty: Gates belt drive is an ideal complement to the STEVENS’ new Boulevard and City Flight models - and a couple of other well-proven STEVENS bikes.

What is luxury in a bike? Perfect ride characteristics for the intended application, and of course, perfect fit for the rider.

Be it in the comfortable, all-round carefree City Boulevard or the fast, minimalistic City Flight: The belt drive from Gates complements these STEVENS models perfectly and delivers an extra helping of luxury to every-day urban cycling – just like the name Luxe suggests.

The Gates drive belt is well-proven multiple times with its silent operation, almost zero maintenance and the fact that it doesn’t require lubrication.

Boulevard Luxe
Because of that you are riding to the city or go on tour with your STEVENS Boulevard Luxe with an even greater ease of mind. And also because there’s a sensitive suspension fork in the front to take care of potholes plus at the handlebar powerful V-brakes and an 8-speed twist shifter which provide utmost control over your bike at any speed. Also the pannier rack handles groceries or touring luggage effortlessly.

The tour may even last until sundown because the bright LED headlight from Busch&Müller will perfectly illuminate the path on the way home. Another new feature of the Boulevard Luxe is its increased tire clearance – if desired, tires of up to 47mm can be fitted.

The triple-butted aluminium frame in Velvet Black with tapering seat tube for more lateral stiffness is available in three different designs – Gent for men, Lady for women and Forma for those who prefer a low instep – and sizes: Gent: 48, 52, 55, 58, 61cm ; Lady: 46, 50, 54cm; Forma: 46, 52cm.

City Flight Luxe
Gates’ belt drive not only stands for silent operation and low maintenance but also for durability and minimalistic design – just like in the also new STEVENS City Flight Luxe where it connects a Shimano Alfine crankset with a durable Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear hub. The stiff and direct-steering aluminium fork matched to the light, triple-butted alloy frame with its not-too-sporty STEVENS typical geometry for women (Lady/trapezoid) or men (Gent/diamond) make up for a nimble but also stable ride through city but also for relaxed touring - preferably over tarmac for which the Super Flight’s well-proven easy-running slick tires are best suited for. Yet, it is always capable of handling anything that a weekend tour can throw at it in superior manner due to its touring-friendly full specs including pannier rack, lighting set and fenders.

The City Flight Luxe in the Gent version for asphalt cowboys is available in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58 and 61cm as well as in the Lady trapezoid-framed version in sizes 46, 50 and 54cm.

Silent, Long-lasting And Clean
The advantage of the Gates belt drive one will become aware of – from the very beginning but repeatedly after thousands of miles - is: It is very silent-running. This is due to the fact that it’s made from one continuous strand and not from multiple individual links which always rub against each other.

Inside the Gates belt strands of carbon fiber are embedded. Carbon fibers provide enormous tensile strength and their second property comes in especially handy in the drive belt: They are very flexible laterally.

The carbon fiber strands are so strong that the belt will not lengthen with time which ensures its longevity - another advantage. It may feel a little soft with the first pedal stroke but this is only due to the belt’s teeth pressing form-fittingly into the cavities of the drive pulley.

Since there is no friction there is no need for lubrication: Greasing the chain is a thing one can forget about with the belt drive forever – as well as the possibility to get your clothes dirty from a greasy chain.

Because the belt is a closed loop that cannot be opened like a chain, the frame needs to have an opening. The so called frame-lock is integrated in the right seat stay of the respective STEVENS model.

Similar to a chain the belt needs to be tensioned while the tension has to be adjusted quite exactly. For this you even can download an app from under ”tools” which determines the right tension by using your mobile device’s microphone to record the noise the belt makes when you strum it like a guitar string. All other questions about the belt drive are available on Gates’ internet pages under ”resources”.

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