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Carsten Schabacher

Price-Value Tipp For The 6X Lite Tour

The STEVENS 6X Lite Tour was the lightest bike in test despite its large frame size. Because of its ride characteristics it was awarded the price-value tip by German active Radfahren magazine.

We have designed STEVENS City Cross bikes as ”light, sporty tourers for city and country side” - perfectly appropriate for the 6X Lite Tour, says aktiv Radfahren in their May 2017 issue report about a test of every-day use bikes equipped mostly with Shimano Deore components. ”Indeed the 6X (Lite Tour) despite being fully spec’d – it only lacks bell and kickstand – tips the scale at only 13.5kg (30lbs). And the … tourer is also quite a sporty ride.”

Among seven tested bikes the (as well as one other bike) was spec’d with the most components from Shimano’s Deore group. Not only front and rear derailleur but also shift levers, brakes, brake levers and rear hub belong to the sturdy and well-proven mid-range group. ”This is all but usual in a price range of less than 1,000 Euros especially regarding the high-quality lighting set from Busch+Müller.” The sleek pannier rack also fitted the bike perfectly. While being designed to carry panniers for traveling it can also accommodate different baskets and bags thanks to the Racktime system. You can also retrofit it with a spring-loaded clamp (please consider the proper width).

Ride Characteristics
At 13.5kg only the 6X Lite Tour was the lightest bike in test – even in frame size 61cm, ”that’s why it accelerates superbly.” At the same time, according to the testers ”the bike is super nimble without being too sensitive to uneven roads.” The seating position is comfortably sporty.”
Due to its sporty lay-out it gives quite direct feedback about the quality of the road surface, so the testers recommended to pump the 35mm wide tires to a lower pressure. The city cross bike can easily be retrofitted with bell and kickstand by your local STEVENS dealer.

Conclusion: The 6X Lite Tour is an awesome touring bike, that excels with sporty ride characteristics and low weight – and this with almost complete specs. Our price-value tip ...

The STEVENS 6X Lite Tour is available in the Gents (men) version in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58, 61 and 64cm. In the Ladies (trapezoid frame) version it’s available in 46, 50, 54 and 58cm frame sizes.

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