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Carsten Schabacher

Veronika Brüchle Wins Enduro Bronze

At the German Enduro Championships Veronika Brüchle defended her third place from the year before on her STEVENS Whaka Carbon Max.

Veronika Brüchle of STEVENS MTB Racing Team won the Bronze Medal at the German Enduro Championships riding her STEVENS Whaka Carbon Max. She, her team mate and partner Alessandro Sepp and all the other participants had to ride a 32km (20mls) course divided into six sections, so called stages.

Though Veronika, as she said later, had not felt particularly well all day. Yet, she was able to make use of her consistency and technical skills to secure third place. ”I lacked basic speed throughout the day, but I am super happy that it still was enough for third place. German Enduro Champion became Raphaela Richter ahead of Ines Thoma.

Alessandro also wasn’t too comfortable with the rather short stages which resulted in a 32nd place for him. ”I just lacked the willingness to always go full risk. But if you do that on these short sections, you will end up losing valuable seconds.” New Male German Enduro Champion is Leonhard Putzenlechner.

The next race for the two downhill aces will be the Enduro World Series in Ireland.

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