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For the honor of All-Mountain bikes!

BIKE magazine compares in issue 8.2017 trail bikes with all-mountain bikes. Being one of the latter, STEVENS Whaka “defends the honor of all-mountain bikes“ with the rating “very good.“


From reference...: In their trail bike test in issue 8.2017, BIKE magazine does not only compare single trail experts with one another, but also includes two classic all-mountain bikes focusing on downhill rides into the test.

... to preference for downhill riding fun: STEVENS Whaka did not only perform well in this test environment, but “defended the honor of all-mountain bikes“ the editors write. You’ll have to change to the smaller one of the two chain wheels rather early and the pulse rises faster than on a trail bike, but as the slight pumping of the rear can be switched off by means of the platform at the suspension, you’ll nevertheless get where you want to go in this test: on single trails where Whaka mainly “rewards the rider on downhill passages with a lot of safety and fun.“

The chassis that works wit 150 mm of travel, was superior to those of trail bikes when it comes to reserves, the Whaka smoothly carried the rider over roots and edges. Due to a steer angle of 67 degrees it was also fast in bends, even if the grip on the front wheel was lacking a little when the path got narrow and winding. The 2.35“ tires, however were a good mix of “rolling resistance and off-road grip“ according to testers.

Conclusion of BIKE editors: “A playful, comfortable bike with a focus on downhill rides for athletes who are looking for fun and safety on single trails.“

STEVENS Whaka is available in Turquoise and with 150 mm of travel in sizes 16‘‘, 18‘‘ and 20‘‘.

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