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Carola Felchner

Mountain Goat From The Lowlands

Despite being from the Northern German lowlands this bike does a great job on Alpine trails says Prime Mountainbiking Magazine about the STEVENS E-Whaka+ ES. The e-mountain bike excelled by elegant design, low overall weight and well-engineered technology


”Rock solid” was Prime Mountainbiking Magazine’s first impression when looking at the STEVENS E-Whaka+ ES. The paint scheme was a low-key red and black, the 504Wh capacity battery sits in the usual place at the downtube instead of being ridiculously integrated:

”Thanks to the paint job the battery visually blends with the Shimano Steps E8000 motor and the down tube. All in all it might look a little old-fashioned (…) yet at the same time it offers the advantage of being able to simply detach the battery and take it home for charging instead of having to carry a dirty bike inside,” the testers said.

In terms of specs the e-fully ”was totally up-to-date”. They especially pointed out the very precisely Shimano Steps E8000 motor and electronic Di2 shifters and the idea of having the required electricity being supplied by the motor.

The small chain guide from e*thirteen which kept the motor-driven chain securely on the chain ring was also to the testers’ liking just as the grippy tires and the geometry with ”comfortable reach, well-dialled-in chain stay length and steep seating angle,” enabling a relaxed seating position. While the frame is undeniably made from aluminium, it was very elegant and also added to the low overall weight of 21kg (46.2lbs).

The motor with three support levels can always be kept under control. The testers did not experience any tire slip, rearing-up in climbs or annoying rumbling over roots and other bumps during their rides. Thanks to a short stem and well-chosen cockpit parts quick downhills were always fun. The brakes performed very reliably so ”it was no problem to go a faster pace, take curves more aggressively and brake a little later.”

The verdict: ”The E-Whaka+ ES is a good and capable E-all-mountain bike with convincing specs and details that make sense,” the editors say. An E-MTB with balanced ride characteristics and agile handling for fast trail riding and tricky sections.

The STEVENS E-Whaka+ ES is available in sizes 16, 18, 20 und 22in for 5,599 Euros at certified STEVENS dealers. With slightly less valuable specs the E-Whaka+ sells for 4,699 Euros.

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