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STEVENS Powertube Pedelecs

In six STEVENS touring and city pedelecs in 2018 the battery is integrated into the down tube.


Pedelecs are growing in popularity and more and more develop into their own separate bicycle category. One of the major novelties for model year 2018 that combines function, reliability and a new design language is the Powertube battery from Bosch e-Bike Systems.
It is conveniently integrated into the downtube. For the new model year STEVENS offers altogether six models with this battery from the well-approved supplier.

By integrating the battery into the downtube the bike not only becomes more elegant in its entire appearance. This design also provides better ride characteristics by lowering the center of gravity and placing it closer to the middle of the frame. With its 500 Watt hours (Wh) capacity the Bosch Powertube (all novelties from Bosch) [Link] offers the same power as the conventional 500 Wh Bosch Power Packs, that are fixed to the outside. By sitting inside the battery also better protected by the frame.

With the Powertube battery pedelec riders can choose if they want to charge it connected to the bike or if they want to take it inside. Its dimensions of 349 x 84 x 65mm allow it to be detached from the downtube when it is unlocked. After unlocking the downtube and removing the cover plate the battery automatically pops up by about 2cm while it is safely held by a security mechanism. When reinserting the battery it locks in with an audible sound.

At a length of about 35cm (12”) you can fit this (or a second) Powertube battery well inside a pannier or backpack as a back-up for longer outings. The major characteristic of all PT-5 models besides the large downtube (and solid components like 47mm wide tires, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano shifters) is the strut between seat tube and down tube that has been designed as a carrying handle.

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