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”Top Enduro With Sensitive Suspension”

In a test by E-MRB Magazine the E-Sledge+ ES presents itself as a lightweight bike with well-balanced ride characteristics


The name Sledge for STEVENS’ enduro models stands for a concept without compromise, the editors of E-MTB say in their test report about eight e-enduros with 160 mm travel front and rear. Among them the E-Sledge+ ES: ”With its shallow steering angle, short chain stays and capable suspension you feel you are always in control – no matter if steep, rocky descends or in fast, straight downhill sections.”

You also felt good going downhill, the suspension with activated platform was firm, yet the bike delivers a well-balanced ride. For model year 2018 – beginning August 30, 2017 – the E-Sledge+ ES will be equipped with an 11-speed Shimano cassette with a maximum of 46 teeth. This way the ”high-quality electronic Di2 shifting from Shimano” will be fully high-mountain capable.

The further specs also show that ”the guys from Hamburg had a talent for component choice, like for example the plus tires from Schwalbe with new Addix rubber compound.” The ”+” in the model name stands for 2.8” wide tires that offer a plus in traction, security and therefore fun. In the test field it was the second lightest bike weighing in at 21.6 kg/47.6 lbs (in frame size 18 in) with an almost perfectly balanced weight distribution.

The seating position also was well-balanced while the e-enduro’s overall handling was pleasantly nimble. This is due to the STEVENS E-Sledge’s and E-Whaka’s short chainstays – at 434 mm the shortest of all tested bikes – which makes these e-fullies almost equal to conventional fullies in this aspect. This is made possible by the Shimano Steps 8000 motor and its compact design.

Assisted by the low weight of the bike the motor was proven to reach up to 1,510 m/4,954 ft of elevation, third best in comparison.

Conclusion: Top enduro with sensitive suspension, good geometry and great components.

The STEVENS E-Sledge+ ES is available with Shimano Steps E8000 motor and 160/150 mm of travel in sizes 16, 18, 20, and 22 in.

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