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Swift, Sporty Lightweight

At less than 1000 Euros the 6X Lite Tour was the most reasonable priced in a test field of trekking bikes and excelled with solid specs and sporty handling.

STEVENS 6X Lite Tour
STEVENS 6X Lite Tour

“Less than 1,000 Euros but the 6X Lite Tour really disrupted the competition”, My Bike magazine constitutes in a test of six fully equipped “light-weight racers under 13kg” in its 05.2018 edition. The City Cross bike from STEVENS showed that light-weight design does not have to be expensive. At 999 Euros it was an astonishing 350 Euros cheaper than the next cheapest bike while weighing in at the same 12.9kg. Though the lightest bikes in test were 1.5kg less, they also cost twice or even nearly three times as much.

Low weight, My Bike concludes, in a bike can almost directly be translated into more fun: “The bike accelerated faster, cruising speed is achieved earlier.” Or you need less power to ride at the same speed. Uphill a lighter bike saves a lot of power. And when not riding, lower weight makes handling the bike like – parking, carrying or loading the bike into a car or train – much easier.

The 6X Lite featured solid specs throughout without flaws. From model year 2019 this bike, like all City Cross models from the 8X to the 4X Lite Tour, is fully equipped including kickstand and bell.

About the ride: “Yet, the robust bike in STEVENS-typical long-wheelbase design handles so nimbly and securely that it’s just a pleasure. “ This was also due to the outstanding G-One tires from Schwalbe which “could be ridden at a quite low pressure of 3 to 5 bar (42 to 70psi) and offered best results in terms of comfort, grip, traction and keeping a straight line.” With its sporty seating position the 6X Lite Tour was especially suitable for longer outings as well as daily rides through the city.

Conclusion: “For less than 1,000 Euros STEVENS delivers an attractive bike with a sturdy, well-designed Aluminium frame that keeps just less than 13kg by a hair. The robust bike is just delightfully nimble.”

The STEVENS 6X Lite Tour is available for 999 Euros in sizes Gent 48, 52, 55, 58, 61, and 64cm as well as in the Lady version (Trapezoid frame) in 46, 50, 54, 58cm.

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