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"Great Bang For The Buck"

Lots of fun and well-chosen specs at a small price: The STEVENS Super Trofeo convinced the testers in a single-bike review by Triathlon magazine on the road and as a complete package.

There might be other manufacturers offering triathlon bikes for less than 3,000 Euros, yet the high-quality Shimano Ultegra group on the STEVENS Super Trofeo was an absolute rarity in this price range, Triathlon’s editors say in a four-page single-bike test in the February edition of their magazine about the triathlon and time trial bike (with UCI approval for competitions).

“Function-wise there is no difference between Shimano Ultegra and high-end groups like Dura Ace”, the editors say. But it wasn’t the drivetrain alone that convinced the testers: “The frame-fork set left a solid impression and integration of all parts has been done really well. Frame, fork and stem flow seamlessly into another to make it appear as one piece.”

About the cockpit: “No cheap off-brand parts but only reliable aluminium components from Profile Design.” – offering the possibility to extend the standard set-up by any item from the vast Profile Design component range. But the standard cockpit – which made a positive impression – already offered many possible set-ups. Added by the adjustability of the seat post, which can be set to a seat angle between 74 and 78 degrees.

The clean appearance and good aerodynamics were helped by the TRP brakes mounted on the back of the fork and behind the bottom bracket. And the aluminium-rim wheels from Fulcrum made it easy “to compete in races and have lots of fun,” the editors write – the wheels were good for more than just for training rides.

Speaking of fun: “We had lots of it on the test ride. When accelerating the Super Trofeo reacts immediately. We quickly got to the cobble stone section of our test round, which the Stevens took with an ease as if the washboard surface along the river Elbe was its usual terrain. It’s also very easy to keep a straight line due to confidence-inspiring directional stability.” So confidence-inspiring that you immediately feel safe in aero-tuck. Still, the Super Trofeo was agile enough for fast turning through tight curves.

Conclusion: “Even in its 2019 version the Stevens Super Trofeo triathlon bikes scores with great bang for the buck. The mechanical Shimano Ultegra drivetrain is the benchmark in this price category and is in part responsible for that “what-more-do-I-want feeling” that comes to your mind when riding it fast.”

The STEVENS Super Trofeo is available in a standard version in sizes S, M, L, and XL with Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, Profile Design cockpit and Fulcrum Racing 400 wheels for 2,799 Euros at certified STEVENS dealers.

As a custom bike it can be selected in the STEVENS Custom Configurator with a huge selection of specs like eight drivetrain groups, nine wheelsets and countless possibilities for personal adjustments and ordered at your local STEVENS dealer. The custom bike starts at 2,599 Euros. The frameset including brake system, seatpost, stem, and handlebar costs 1,699 Euros.

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