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Powerful Pieces of Art

The new trekking and city pedelecs E-Bormio and E-Gadino support their rider with the new Shimano STEPS 6100 motor powered by a semi-integrated 504-Watt-hour battery.

The battery is elegantly integrated into the frames‘ – Gent, Lady and Forma – down tube and therefore makes for low-key, clean typically bicycle-like appearance. By incorporating it into the down tube the battery has a lower centre of gravity contributing to a high directional stability and easy handling. Also the q-factor, the lateral distance between the pedals, is small which adds to a natural pedalling style.

What is even more noticeable – or actually quite the opposite – is the STEPS E6100 electric motor being exceptionally silent. It deploys its power over three levels of support – eco, normal, high – for utmost efficiency. And if you go faster than the 25 kph (15mph) where motor support ends, you only become aware of it when looking on the display since the motor’s pedalling resistance is so low.

Just as easy is pushing the E-Bormio or E-Gadino – to activate the push-assist you simply need to press a conveniently located button.

The motor itself is very compact in design and blends in well with the overall appearance. At 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs) it is also quite light-weight. In the comfort version for gear hubs, in the E-Gadino it delivers a torque of 50 Nm (37 pound-feet). The E-Bormio with Shimano drivetrain and Shadow rear derailleur in the sports version offers even more power with 60 Nm (44 pound-feet).

Except for the shifting technology and colours, the E-Gadino (gear hub) in Slate Grey and E-Bormio (derailleur) in Umbra Grey, both models mostly feature the same specs. The SR Suntour fork with 63 mm of travel can be adjusted to rider weight. The Avy headlight from Busch + Müller not only features conveniently bright 40 Lux but also near field illumination, day-time running function and auto switch-on when it gets dark. The Shine Evo tail light from the same supplier and Racktime pannier rack into which it is integrated are standard at STEVENS. The Schwalbe Marathon 47-622 tires willingly add to a comfortable ride.

Both models are available as Gent (52, 55, 58, 61 cm, the E-Gadino also in 64 cm), Lady (46, 50, 54 cm) and Forma/low-instep (46, 52, 56 cm).

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