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Steady Performer Aspin

The STEVENS Aspin after ten years is still a no-frills, solid road bike with Shimano Ultegra group and a lot of bang for the buck.

German road bike magazine TOUR made a literal review of current best-seller road bikes and their predecessors from ten years ago. The review not only show how these models have changed with time but also requests and standards in bikes for a more than basic entry into the world of road cycling.

As it is today, back then the STEVENS Aspin was the best-priced bike in test and boasting a rating of 2.0 (B+) is right in the middle of the field (best rating 1.9, worst 2.1 for five bikes). As opposed to other models it preserved its character as a solid, calm road bike with hanseatic charme and sporty seating position.

The straightforward aluminium frame of course featured state of the art technology and weighs 135 grams (5oz) less than the old version. And it did not lose anything of the ride stability that in 2009 made the editors say they could very well imagine to rush down the descends of the namesake French alpine pass with it. The Aspin was the only aluminium-frame bike in the test, yet it remained the second lightest overall (with a weight penalty of a mere 40 grams) ahead of three carbon racers – and is also 100 to 800 Euros less expensive than any other candidate.

About the quite classic frame design with an only slightly sloped top tube the editors ask the rather rhetorical question: “Why reinvent a bike when its classic shape is still in demand?

When back in 1009 a 3x10-speed drivetrain was necessary to provide a mountain-capable gear range, Shimano’s current Ultegra version makes this happen with a 50/34-T compact chain rings and an 11-speed 11-34T cassette – even including a 1:1 ratio gear. And when in 2009 a full Ultegra group was pretty usual in the 1,600 Euros category, the Aspin today with its full Ultegra was a rare exception.

Conclusion: All in all, the Aspin still is what it always was: A no-frills, solid road bike. And one of the most reasonably priced ways to ride full Ultegra.

The STEVENS Aspin as serial bike with Shimano Ultegra and Mavic Aksium Elite wheels is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64cm for 1,599 Euros. As a STEVENS Custom road bike it can be completed to any individual wishes and needs with five drivetrains, nine wheelset and countless details like crank length up to the colour of the handlebar tape. From 1,399 Euros for the complete bike, the frameset alone sells for 599 Euros.

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