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Carsten Schabacher

”An Absolutely Superb Touring E-Bike”

In a test of touring E-Bikes by German RadTouren magazine the E-Triton excelled with its sporty handling and travel capabilities – to eventually become test winner

STEVENS E-Triton Luxe
STEVENS E-Triton Luxe

Of all the bikes in the test field the STEVENS E-Triton Luxe was ”the most eager to accelerate” is one of the editors’ first impressions in their test report in edition March 2018: It offers a ”semi-sporty” slightly forward seating position, it features easy-spinning wheels and the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor does its part. The ride characteristics were more on the calm side and the E-Triton Luxe never behaved nervously but also never lazy.
So the pedelec equipped with a PowerTube battery received by far the best marks in the categories ride characteristics and also featured outstanding ”travel capabilities” and ”e-bike qualities”. Summing up all criteria the E-Triton Luxe received an overall score of 1.3 (A-) therefore going first place – test win for the newly developed pedelec featuring a PowerTube battery in the down tube.

The battery in the down tube is well-protected by a rain-proof cover but can also easily be removed thanks to a convenient release mechanism – ”a benefit when it needs to be replaced or for fast interchange when there’s a second one for parallel charging.”
Despite all its sportiness the E-Triton Luxe can ”really take care of a heavy load”: 25kg (55lbs) of maximum allowed cargo distributed over two panniers hardly had any effect on the ride characteristics especially since the Shimano SLX disc brakes handled the extra weight with ease.

As well-balanced the ride is, as evenly stepped is the gearing of the 1x10-speed drivetrain with an 11 to 32 teeth cassette. And when the road gets steep? ”In case of an emergency the Bosch motor will bail you out”, the editors say. The E-Triton is even capable of making suggestions where it’s nicer to go, which works when the navigation system in the Bosch Nyon display is activated, that is.

Conclusion: Super strong, very sturdy, persistent, agile, and well-behaved - an absolutely superb touring E-Bike for an appropriate price.

The E-Triton Luxe is available in a Gent (diamond/men’s) framed version in sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61cm for 3,799 Euros. For the same price you can also chose a Lady (Trapezoid; 46, 50, 54cm) or Forma (low instep; 46, 52, 56 cm) framed bike at your certified STEVENS dealer.

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