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The STEVENS Strada 800 was agile, a well-balanced ad safe ride and scores with matured technology: The up-to-date urban bike finished second-best in test.

STEVENS Strada 800
STEVENS Strada 800

Perfect for a quick after-work tour, just to feel good: This bike was the ideal machine for endurance athletes and a fitness bike in particular, says My Bike magazine in its current (4.2018) issue cross and fitness bike test. Such a bike ”carries all your weight, is easy on the joints, gets you good cardio work-out and enhances balance, coordination and endurance.”

With its flat handlebar and not too stretched-out seating position this fitness bike was a bike for all those who do not yet want to switch to road bikes.

Still, this type of fitness bike derives from road bikes, the editors say, as you can see on the STEVENS Strada 800. With an average of 1.6 (A-) it received the second best grade in test. The Strada 800 especially scored with best marks in terms of safety and drivetrain. The slightly worse end result (by a margin of only decimal points) is compensated by its retail price which is 400 Euros less.

A solid 105 drivetrain takes care of fast and precise shifting and superb and aggressive braking thanks to hydraulic discs (including Flatmount attachment, developed for road bikes). In addition, the Fulcrum 700 wheels are spinning smoothly and fairly light.

Many features on the frame are solid standard on road bikes. When looking from above, the tapered steerer is recognizable that houses a reinforced fork shaft. The seat tube is also tapered for maximum stiffness at the bottom and to accommodate a flexible seat post at the top. The thru-axles front and rear (replacing quick releases) always lock wheels and brake disc in the right position – just like on pros’ road bikes.

The rider benefits from properties like the frame’s lateral stiffness and a well-balanced character. It was agile and easy to accelerate thanks to its light-weight wheels. Yet, as opposed to a classic road bike, it features eyelets to easily retrofit fenders and a pannier rack.

All these features add up to a sporty character: ”The Stevens is a delightfully well-balanced and safe ride. The frame is quite hard but also sufficiently stiff to immediately convert pedalling force into forward motion. The fork precisely guides the front wheel, the tires are almost silent and offer just the right amount of comfort on tarmac or any other solid ground.”

Meanwhile the gearing of chainrings and cassette caters a faster riding style – and that’s exactly what the Strada 800 is made for.

Conclusion: The Strada 800 is a delightfully well-balanced and safe ride. The stiff frame converts pedal force directly into forward motion.”

The Strada 800 in Foggy Grey is available in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58 and 61cm for 1,199 Euros. The other Strada models 1000, 900 and 600 offer different specs and in different price levels but very similar ride characteristics.

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