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Balanced and Outstanding All-Round Bike

The STEVENS Aspin is awarded a “best buy” tip from RennRad magazine – It excels with specs and aluminium frame just as with its well-balanced ride quality.

The most important criterium for road bikes in the 1,500-Euros category is value for money, says RennRad in its current 4.2019 issue: “Lots of bike, lots of sportiness, yet also lots of comfort, that’s what it’s all about.” Bikes in this price range are already far from being entry-level.

This is demonstrated by the STEVENS Aspin with its full Shimano Ultegra group mounted on a “very light and robust aluminium frame”, which also offered a comfortably balanced ride. For the sum of its qualities the Aspin was awarded the “best buy” tip in a test field of nine bikes.

Well-Developed Alloy Classic – Robust And Light-Weight
The Aspin was a classic among aluminium-framed road bikes from STEVENS, whose frame has been continuously redeveloped over time. This, as the editors remark, is shown in the triple-butted tubing which features three different wall thicknesses to save weight but also offer the needed stability in high-stress areas like the welds.

All this is added by the tapered steerer tube - “The tube’s diameter increases towards the bottom end, where the highest stress occurs. This results in noticeably precise and reliable steering.” – and enhanced by the full carbon fork to deliver a top test result. The seat tube also tapers from thick at the bottom to thin at the top to accommodate a 27.2 mm-diameter seat post for flexibility and comfort. The large diameter at the bottom bracket adds stiffness.

All these design effort are for the sake of function: “Ride quality is controlled and balanced. The classic geometry provides a sporty, yet not too stretched-out seating position. Comfort was good, especially for an aluminium frame.”

 Solid Specs
“A complete Shimano Ultegra group cannot be found in every bike in this price range“, the editors point out. Ultegra, as usual, provides the Aspin with precise and reliable shifting. Due to the 50/34 teeth compact cranks and a cassette with a 32-teeth largest cog the Aspin features gears perfect for climbing, for which the low weight is also a great help. Overall the Aspin was the second lightest bike with a frame size around 56 cm and lighter than some carbon-framed bikes.

The Continental Grand Prix tires, here wrapped around a set of solid Mavic wheels, offered high mileage and good flat protection, proven in a long-term test by RennRad, as the editors point out.

 Conclusion: “The Aspin is a classic road bike with a very light and robust aluminium frame, that excels with great all-round qualities. Ride stability is high, specs are solid. Price and weight are on a very good level.

 The STEVENS Aspin with Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and Mavic Aksium Elite wheels is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64 cm at certified STEVENS dealers.

Using the configurator the Aspin can be customized with five drivetrain groups, nine wheelsets and many further options to perfectly fit one’s body measurements. The frameset alone is available, too.

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