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Light-footed And Direct For The Test Win

Spec’d “close to the maximum of what’s possible at this price” and with subtle handling the E-Courier wins a test of every-day use pedelecs by My Bike magazine

Every-day use e-bikes are made for the daily commute between work, home and supermarket – and evening trips or weekend tours. For every-day use they should withstand awful weather, be low-maintenance and roll along easily in rain and snow, these are the talents required from an e-bike according to My Bike.

To select one’s personal every-day companion to fit one's personal preferences and typical type of use it’s best to seek the support of a certified STEVENS dealer.

Among the ten test candidates the E-Courier scored the highest marks due to its well put-together overall package – it wins the test of bikes with Bosch Active Line Plus motor and Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear hub. The E-Courier received best marks in the categories ride safety and drivetrain; My Bike concludes: “The E-Courier offers the best overall package and receives goods grades in all sub-categories.”


The low-maintenance components were “close to the maximum of what’s possible in this price range”, the editors say. Despite the gear hub being heavier than derailleurs, the E-Courier was the second-lightest bike in test at 23.8 kg (52 pounds). Add an SR Suntour suspension fork with 63 mm of travel and lock-out. The hydraulic disc brakes the editors described in another test in the same issue of the magazine as “unrivalled in price-performance without any drawbacks”.

the 40 mm “narrow” tires were a STEVENS trademark. They might reduce ride comfort a little but on the other hand increased agility – so the editors conclude:

“The E-Courier swiftly reacts to any push of the pedal and offers direct and precise steering.”


The STEVENS E-Courier  in the Gents‘ version is available in sizes 52, 55, 58, 61 cm. In the Ladies‘ version with trapezoid frame the E-Courier is available in 46, 50, 54 cm as well as in Forma/low-instep variety in 46, 52, 56 cm.

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