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”Feels Really Good”

Normally, a bike test can only tell how a bike performs when it’s new. How the STEVENS Comet Disc does over a longer period of time, RoadBIKE magazine currently reports in detail on a regular basis on its website

Since this spring, RoadBIKE’s editorial team rides a STEVENS Comet Disc for long-term evaluation and reports on a regular basis about their impression, tours, races and technical details. In a nutshell about everything you get to experience, when you ride a road bike three to four times a week on lunch rides, day-long trips on weekends up to long-distance events.

The First 1,000 Kilometers
Meanwhile the first 1,000 kilometers are on the clock – time for an intermediate report. Beginning with the first impression: ”After only a few pedal strokes any doubts are gone, the Comet feels really good. It’s agile, nimble, yet sufficiently directionally stable for my taste. The 56cm frame was definitely the right choice, with comfortable saddle extension I can find a compact seating position.”

The Comet disc behaves equally well on the first outing: ”I absolutely enjoy the ride in the most beautiful spring weather. Uphill the Comet is swift and quick, the 900 gram (2lbs) frame is still stiff and turns any hill climb into a fun ride. The downhill are also pure fun, the Comet keeps its calm even at high speed and makes one feel safe and in control. I’m gladly looking forward to the next ride.”

Later, the report about a successful racing premier in Luxemburg points out the hydraulic disc brakes and downhill capability as follows: ”Despite several really severe brake manoeuvers the brake pads are almost silent without any of the feared squealing I’m used to hear from other brakes. This way repeated winding descends are a real joy.

Even at speeds up to 80kph (50mph) it feels safe and does not show any signs of wobble or the like. Same goes for the DT Swiss wheels which also make you feel safe and are easy to control even in gusty cross winds.”

Custom Selection in Detail
About the choice of specs of the Comet Disc which already had been tested in a lab and field test shortly after its introduction in autumn 2017, the editor says: ”I like well-balanced bikes and classic all-rounders that are sufficiently comfortable for long-distance solo rides but also offer a sporty seating position and agile handling. This is why the Stevens Comet Disc is so interesting.”

One additional benefit of the Comet Disc is the fact that you can personalize your bikes thanks to a modular system – from frame and component group to wheels, stem length and handlebar tape colour. And you are not left to your own devices: ”You can save your favourite configuration and see your Stevens dealer, who will place your order and help you with your questions. They will also check if there are any contradictions or incompatibilities.”

Then the dealer will order the bike, which will be assembles in Hamburg. After a maximum of three weeks your bike will arrive at the dealer waiting to be fine-tuned by dealer and customer.
We selected Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 group with DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline 35 DB wheels and adequate parts like a carbon seatpost and 25 mm wide Continental Grand Prix 4000 SII tires.

All in all, the bike weighs in at 7.1kg (15.65lbs) at a price of roughly 5,500 Euros. Further details like properties, advantages and dis advantages of electronic shifting plus road performance as well how the dedicated app works and a minor point of criticism can be found on the continually updated webpage

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