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Best Climber In Test

The E-Cayolle+ wins the test by My Bike magazine with having the best handling and high-class specs.

STEVENS E-Cayolle , Test Winner in My Bike
STEVENS E-Cayolle+, Test Winner in My Bike

Mountain bikes with electric motor are a lot of fun, not only off-road, My Bike magazine points out right at the beginning of its test report in edition 6.2018 of e-hardtails with pedelec motor and suspension fork.

The E-Cayolle+ was a “real mountain goat” with great off-road capabilities and a secure ride with uncomplicated handling, fully off-road capable specs including a sensitive 120mm suspension fork and a reasonable range. Best grades in the categories comfort and ride stability plus good marks for drivetrain and in the road test added up to the overall end result of 1.5 (A-) – best in test together with another bike.

In the test field the E-Cayolle+ was the only bike with a PowerTube battery integrated into the frame and 120mm of travel for the suspension fork.

Especially off-road the E-Cayolle+ handled safe and directionally stable while offering a rather sporty seating position, say My Bike: “With fat 2.8” Plus tires and a sensitive, precisely-adjustable 120mm air suspension fork the E-Cayolle+ evens out even the largest bumps.”

The secure ride was also due to the relatively long wheelbase. “No matter if in steep climbs or in fast descends, the bike always stays calm and easy to control.” The E-Cayolle+ felt at home particularly on soft terrain where the tires with their huge amounts of grips made the most of their advantage. Over roots the bike just rolled with “stoic nonchalance”.

On the other hand one would see more and more e-MTBs in the city, says My Bike. There they had to deal with lesser quality roads, cobbles and curbs. On tarmac the bike due to its wide tires would not steer as swiftly as on a single-trail descend but in this situation the Bosch Performance CX motor with its powerful 75Nm (55 lb-ft.) of torque was a great help.

Conclusion: “The Stevens excells with great ride security and uncomplicated handling even in challenging terrain.“

The STEVENS E-Cayolle+ in Hot Pepper Red is available in sizes 16‘‘, 18‘‘, 20‘‘ and 22‘‘ for 2,999 Euros at certified STEVENS dealers. Based on the same frame with even more sophisticated specs there is also the E-Juke+ (3,199 Euros) and the E-Agnello+ (3,599 Euros).

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