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Upgraded Brakes for STEVENS Jazz and other budget-priced models

For 2019 trekking bike models with hydraulic disc brakes, STEVENS Bikes reduces its entry-level price to 700 Euros.

In the 1990s, hydraulic disc brakes revolutionized mountain bikes and the sport of mountain biking in general within a very short period of time. With trekking and city bikes, full incorporation of these disc brakes is still a work in progress. STEVENS bikes continues to be part of this progress by offering disc brakes on their 2019 models, down to their entry-level models so everyone benefits from this innovative technology.  

Disc brakes are more powerful than any other type of brake. In everyday use, the brakes are ideal due to their consistently impressive performance, in all weather conditions. It also takes very little pulling effort on the lever for brake engagement.
In addition, they are extremely sturdy and durable and require minimal maintenance to keep them in top shape.
For 2019 Allround models, STEVENS Bikes will once again reduce its entry-level prices. The Trekking bike model Jazz, priced at around 700 Euros, is getting an upgrade to new reliable Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (BR-MT200).

For years, our popular Jazz model has been equipped with suspension fork and offered in many sizes. Our Gents’, Ladies’ and Forma (low instep) models are all perfectly suited for everyday riding in the city and for weekend outings.

STEVENS Bikes’ commitment to more comfortable, reliable brakes in 2019 will extend to the City models: Boulevard, the new Primera Disc and Urban bike Strada 600. With a few exceptions, all STEVENS Allround bikes from 1,000 Euros up will be equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

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