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Carsten Schabacher

Agile On The Road And Made To Measure

The new triathlon machine STEVENS Volt can be perfectly adjusted to one’s personal needs in almost any aspect. In a road test performed by German Triathlon magazine it excelled with nimble handling and easy to attach solutions.


In terms of adjustability ”the Volt really excels”, says Triathlon magazine in its first test report about the new STEVENS Volt. First, there is the probably most eye-striking feature the Aeria Ultimate cockpit made by Profile Design with an integrated hydration system. This cockpit as well as the top tube-mounted Foodbox, tucked-away TRP brakes, saddle and seatpost are standard equipment of the frame kit which is also sold separately.

Versatile Aeria Ultimate Cockpit By Profile Design
The cockpit can be adjusted to basically any preference. Its height is adjusted by adding or removing a number of spacers at the fork shaft. Bevor the shaft is finally cut you should be sure about your handlebar height, the editors strongly advise. Also the armrests can be ”set to any position you want using an extensive set of spacers”.

This is added by all the usual ways of adjustability, such as fore-aft and outside-inside. The carbon aero extensions can also be tilted which ”in combination with the upward bend allows for a very versatile and relaxed hand position.”

The combination of STEVENS Volt and Aeria Ultimate cockpit with its unique covers ”almost looked like a bespoke solution”. For example the lateral rubber flaps would provid a smooth transition between hydration system and top tube. The small gap between stem and top tube-mounted box enables easy adjustment of the headset added by ”well-thought out, very clean cable routing in this area.” An inconspicuous little barrel adjuster for the brake cable comes in handy as well.

The hydration system holds ”reasonable 800ml (27oz) and is easy to fill”. It’s simple to remove without tools and securely attaches to the frame plus ”the flexible straw is very comfortable to reach and the magnet keeps it nicely out of the headwind when not in use.” Bend it slightly towards the bottle and the magnet will pull the straw securely into the right position.
The top tube-mounted Foodbox securely holds several gels and can be detached if needed.

Other parts can also be stored inside but also the Di2 junction box. ”it fits so nicely inside but it’s well accessible for hassle-free charging.” Yet, when it’s put in the box together with tools and replacement tubes you need to be careful when packing.

STEVENS Custom Program
Just as versatile as the cockpit are the other specs from the STEVENS Custom configurator. Triathlon magazine says: ”How the complete Volt looks like when hitting the road is totally up to the customer. Except for frame colour … almost all parts can deliberately be combined.”

On page you first chose frame size followed by choice of drivetrain components from Shimano or Sram. Depending on the selected group you can then chose the gearing of chainrings and cassette plus crank length. The Volt can be spec’d with eight different wheelsets and tires up to 25 mm wide.

Now it’s time to select stem length and saddle and whether you just want to use the cockpit hydration system or add a saddle-mounted bottle cage. Then take the completed spec list to your local STEVENS dealer who will re-check the configuration and order the Volt. Usually it takes three weeks for the custom bike to be delivered.

In the lowest-priced spec with Shimano 105 drivetrain the Volt is available for 3,399 Euros. In theory the price can go up to approx. 7,500 Euros, the model tested by Triathlon magazine was an ”upscale medium-range build” with Shimano Shimano Ultegra Di2, DT Swiss carbon wheels and ISM saddle including bottle cage cost 6,285 Euros.

Nimble On The Road, Agile Uphill And Safe Downhill
In the road test the Volt presented itself as a nimble ride, Triathlon says: ”Unlike most competitors the STEVENS is not a high-speed train but a good mix between agility and directional stability. On the one hand it offers just the right amount of stability in aero position on the other it allows for swift steering without much effort.”

So the Volt had no problems dealing with windy conditions or curvy roads. Uphill the agility supported out-of-the-saddle climbing and downhill the combination of TRP brakes and carbon rims worked efficient and inconspicuously in the best sense of the word, just as it’s supposed to be.”

Conclusion: ”A bike for triathletes, who demand integrated yet simple to handle solutions. The Volt excels in terms of adjustability, on the road it’s a well-balanced machine with good agility. A nimble bike for a fair price.”

The STEVENS Volt in Carbon Fire Red is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL via the STEVENS Custom Configurator. The frameset is available, too.

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