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Carsten Schabacher

Comfortable All-Round Care-Free Package

The STEVENS E-Cayolle+ receives the “comfort tip“ in a test by E-MTB magazine due to its ride characteristics, comfort and providing a feeling of safety.

In a test of 11 electric hardtails selling around 3,000 Euros in E-MTB’s January edition, the E-Cayolle+ stood out from the competition due to its comfort and providing a feeling of security. This price range would mark the quality entry-level for e-MTBs, according to the editors. At this level you get top-notch motors, like the powerful Bosch Performance CX of the E-Cayolle+. This motor excelled with maximum power and reliability.

And the 2.8” fat tires in combination with the STEVENS E-Hardtail’s long-wheelbase (and therefore calm) geometry also offered a “huge plus in safety”, the editors said. “Those who want to conquer challenging climbs won’t find a better partner.” With these tires the E-Cayolle+ would always keep its cool in the downhill.

The E-MTB editors’ answer to the question whether 29ers or 27.5” wheels are the better choice was: 27.5” with plus tires, like at the STEVENS e-hardtail. This combination would make sense “especially for less skilled but comfort-oriented riders, who still like to go off-road into challenging terrain. Here, the large-volume tires take a lot of work off the rider and provide safety.”

Not only beginners will benefit from this plus in safety, but also better skilled riders from the directional stability at high speeds. Therefore it’s self-explaining that the E-Cayolle+ at the same time cannot be a marvel in agility – but this was never the goal in this model’s design process, anyway.

Despite its focus on comfort and safety the STEVENS e-hardtail was the only bike that placed itself right in the middle between the extremes “comfort” (upright seating position, relaxed riding style) and “sport” (agile handling, more active riding style).

The sum of all these qualities earned the E-Cayolle+ a “very good” as the best bike in the uphill test and rankings in the upper quarter throughout all other separate categories to end up with the second-highest points scored and being awarded the “comfort tip”.

When testing the best possible elevation gain in the lab – a simulated ride up a 10% climb with the battery fully charged and an average power of 130W – the E-Cayolle+ with 1601m (5253ft) achieved the second-best result. Also in terms of efficiency – how efficient does the motor transfer the energy from the battery into forward motion? – the E-Cayolle+ was put into the best range “A**”.

Conclusion: “Thanks to the Plus tires and long wheelbase the E-Cayolle is the safest and best climbing bike in test.”

The E-Cayolle+ with Bosch Performance CX motor, PowerPack 500Wh battery, Shimano SLX drivetrain and SR Suntour XCR 32 suspension fork is available 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 in.

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