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Frame And System Integration For A Most Fun Ride

The new STEVENS Pedelecs E-14 and E-11 with their many sophisticated details demonstrate what’s possible with current bike and pedelec technology.

STEVENS E-14 and E-11 - both available in Gents and low-instep versions.

When pushing a button on the handlebar of the E-14 the electronic motor management of the Bosch Performance CX motor reduces the system’s power. Changing gears only takes fast and hardly noticeable 0.18 seconds. When you push the button a little longer, the Rohloff gear hub will up- or downshift three gears at once. And another great idea: When stopping at a red light the system automatically shifts back into starting gear. Pedalling and motor power are transferred by a silent and maintenance-free belt drive from Gates.

The e-drive will extend the range of your bike trips and daily stages and thanks to the bright - 80 lux - IQ-XMF LED head light from Busch + Müller these can even last until after sundown. In high-beam mode you even have 120 lux to illuminate the road ahead of you.

The Shine Evo tail light - integrated into the Racktime pannier rack - is connected to the brakes. Just like in a car it lights up when the Magura MT5N-e brake levers are actuated. The standard Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost reduces road buzz from the rear wheel and therefore makes long-distance rides more comfortable.  And in order for your trips to always go in the right direction the Bosch Nyon display also has sat-nav function when needed.

The STEVENS E-11 also offers comfortable electronically supported shifting. The silent and smoothly accelerating Active Line Plus motor and Shimano Alfine 11-speed gear hub work in perfect unison, conveniently displayed by the Bosch Intuiva screen.
Just like the E-14, the E-11 features a Gates Carbon drive belt for utmost comfort, safety and worry-free riding assisted by Shimano Deore M6000 hydraulic disc brakes and a 70 lux bright Busch + Müller LED head lamp IQ-XS.

Frame Integration - More Than Just The PowerTube Battery
The newly developed frame of the E-14 and E-11 houses the 500Wh battery inside the down tube. The pannier rack is propped on the rear dropouts whose U-profile upper strut is hidden under the mud guard. This design makes the rack 20% stiffer than conventional racks.
Also the opening in the frame necessary to remove the drive belt is now located in the chain stay rather than in the right seat stay. Last but not least the battery charging port inside the seat tube is an indication to the vast design effort that contributes many small and large, inconspicuous and striking details to make your ride the most fun possible.

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