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Carsten Schabacher

Highly-Decorated Lightweight Bike

As the lightest bike in a test of 21 competition road bikes the STEVENS Comet was awarded the ”weight tip” and also excelled with comfortable custom specs and its price.

Of course wind-resistance is what slows you down the most, aside from that ”a light bike is so much more fun to ride as long as function doesn’t suffer.” So ”Stevens impressed with a sub 6.5kg (14.3lbs) racer for fewer than 4,000 Euros”, the editors said about the newly-developed Comet.

For this season the Comet, just like the Comet Disc and Xenon, has been completely revamped based on its well-proven race geometry. The result is a well-designed and sleek frameset with a lighter frame, much better road buzz absorption and comfort in the rear triangle, plus higher stiffness and a price tag smaller by 300 Euros compared to its predecessor.

The Comet and Comet Disc frameset each sell for 1,999 Euros at your certified STEVENS dealer. Function, as mentioned by Tour, obviously did not suffer while test riding the lightweight bike: In the categories braking, shifting, comfort and acceleration the bike was at the least second best, if not better. For overall ride characteristics and downhill handling it was given the highest grade.

In custom configuration with SRAM Force drivetrain, DT Swiss PR 1400 Dicut wheels and Continental Grand Prix 4000s II tires, carbon seat post plus Ritchey finishing kit, the test bike cost 3,896 Euros. With this price the bike was in the bottom third of the 21-strong test field.
The choice of components for the STEVENS Comet (as well as the Comet Disc, Xenon, Arcalis, Aspin, Ventoux and Ventoux) is totally up to its rider alone.

The STEVENS configurator allows any combination of one of eight drivetrain groups with eight different wheelsets. What’s even more important: crank and stem length, handlebar width, gear ratios, type of saddle but even colour of brake- and shift cables can be custom fitted. Because a road bike is a piece of equipment that needs to fit if riding shall be even after lots of kilometers. Fun is enhanced by the well-balanced seating position and neutral handling – even on long-distance rides for which the bike was spec’d with a comfortable saddle and padded handlebar tape.

Conclusion: Stevens impressed with a 6.5 kg racer for less than 4,000 Euros. With its sensational weight and a quite comfortable geometry it’s the perfect bike for long-distance rides.

The STEVENS Comet in Ink Black is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 cm in the STEVENS Custom configurator starting at approx. 2.800 Euro. The frameset sells for 1,999 Euros.

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