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Perfect For Long Distances

The STEVENS Arcalis Disc excels in a test of Bike & Trekking magazine from the Netherlands by comfort and technical specs to become the eventual test winner.

STEVENS Arcalis Disc: For Bike & Trekking magazine a "versatile disc racer with lots of comfort."

The Arcalis Disc was one of these road bikes that showed excellent ride characteristics after the very first meters and lots of comfort over long distances, said the editors of Dutch magazine Bike & Trekking in their test report about four disc road bikes in the 3,000 Euro range.

In general all models would benefit from the disc brakes’ higher braking power, better modulation and cleaner appearance.

Despite the fact that the Arcalis Disc’s frame is very aero-oriented and its geometry looked more race-like at first, the Arcalis Disc was indeed very comfortable. The aero design is expressed by the compact rear triangle that positions the rear wheel directly behind the craved-out seat tube.

Also in the integrated fork that can accommodates an up to 28mm-wide tire that runs along the down tube very closely to improve aerodynamics. The Arcalis’ comfortable frame easily absorbs road chatter. This effect is enhanced by the carved-out aero carbon seatpost. The Arcalis Disc was just made for flying along over long distances.

In addition the editors were intrigued by the specs and craftsmanship. With a complete Shimano Ultegra group and DT Swiss wheels the Arcalis Disc was well equipped for the price. A nice detail was the front brake hose running neatly inside the carbon fork leg. The 160mm diameter discs delivered high braking power for long and steep descends. Overall the Arcalis takes the win in the field of four disc road bikes:

The Arcalis Disc because of – and even despite its aero properties – is a versatile disc racer with lots of comfort. Together with the good specs it’s a well-balanced package.

STEVENS Arcalis Disc is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 cm with Shimano Ultegra group and DT Swiss P1850 Spline wheels with Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II tires for 2,799 Euros. As a custom model the Arcalis Disc – in Polar White – can be personalized from 2,599 Euros up. You have the choice, among others, of eight groupsets and five disc wheelsets.

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