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Carsten Schabacher

”Smart All-Rounder”

The STEVENS Super Flight rides ”like on rails” says new trekking bike magazine Bike Adventure.

STEVENS Super Flight, for model year 2018 with Gates belt drive

”Super Flight, super light”: The STEVENS Super Flight made everything really easy for its riders, says Bike Adventure in its three-page test report about this all-round bike with Shimano Alfine 11-speed gear hub and – new for this season – belt drive from Gates.

First it was the relatively low weight of 13.5kg (30lbs), and ”with its lightness riding almost felt like floating on a cloud.” This experience was enhanced by the belt drive, which engaged silently and without delay.

Also the 11 finely stepped gears were easy to shift up and down. But the gear hub offered another advantage especially when starting after a traffic light stop – just shift into the desired gear when stationary.

With its light 40mm wide Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires the testers not only could accelerate well, they also made the Super Flight perform well off-road on country and gravel roads. Their width obviously provided just the right amount of cushioning so the testers didn’t miss a suspension fork at all while ”the bike handled rough surfaces pretty well.”

The further specs did what they were supposed to even on extended test rides with panniers (which the Super Flite offer plenty of heel clearance for). The rear kickstand held the bike securely upright even with heavy luggage. The IQ-XS LED head light from Busch&Müller ”created a nice light pattern” on the road ahead very brightly with its 70 Lux of illuminance.

Another positive became noticeable when the road turned muddy: The SKS fenders covered the tires almost down to the ground to securely protect the rider from spray and sludge. Last but not least, the testers made positive remarks about such details as openings for the shift cables right in front of the bottom bracket. These would make a replacement a lot easier, just in case.

Conclusion: ”The Super Flight is a smart all-rounder for cruising the city or touring the country side. It is quite light, well-priced, comfortable, yet sporty and stylish.”

The Super Flight is available in a diamond frame version in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58 and 61cm and also in a Lady (trapezoid) version in sizes 46, 50, 54cm, both in Velvet Black for 1,899 Euros. As of this season the already low-maintenance gear hub bike with 11 finely stepped gears will be equipped with a Gates belt drive – to make it even less-maintenance.

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