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Carsten Schabacher

Smoothly From A to B And In A Good Mood

The editors of eMTB-News thoroughly tested the new STEVENS-E-Lavena on their commuter routes. The ride turned out to become a totally new – and a lot more silent – ride experience.

Riding a pedelec like the STEVENS E-Lavena, equipped with the new Bosch Active+ motor held a few surprises, says eMTB News in their extensive test report about the new touring pedelec. ”The motor is incredibly silent. So silent in fact, that you do not take notice of it while riding. You feel though that the motor support your pedalling effort, yet it’s not as ”pushy” as you are used to from Bosch.”

The most pleasant thing about the new motor was that you absolutely don’t feel it disengaging when going faster than 25kph (15mph) – no stuttering, no feeling of sudden slow-down, instead ”you can accelerate the bike easily to over 30kph (19mph) with just a few pedal strokes.”

The editors further pointed out that with this motor it’s important to match the respective gear of the 10-speed shifting to the current speed and terrain - especially when going uphill - so the motor can deliver efficient support. Similar to one’s usual bike. ”You are assisted by a little arrow on the Intuiva display which indicates if you need to shift up or down.”

The display also controls the lights. The LED headlight from Busch&Müller provides a large and bright cone of light, the tail light is neatly integrated into the pannier rack. Despite the display, the remote control and all the necessary components like brake/shift levers, the handlebar looked very tidy. This was due to the bundled-up shift and brake cables and surely also because of the ”Oi” bell from Knog that is placed nicely between the right handlebar grip and the remote control.

Ergonomic grips add to the relaxed seating position and take pressure from the wrists. When shopping for groceries on your daily commute one should use panniers attached to the sturdy carrier. Also the saddle – a very personal component that can be exchanged by your dealer – was ”very comfy”. The testers’ verdict about seating position and saddle went as such: ”You are sitting so comfortably that you want to spend the whole day in the saddle.”

Conclusion:"The overall package makes the Stevens E-Lavena to a perfect companion for every day and every road. The quiet engine and the perfect decoupling and acceleration make every drive through road traffic a real pleasure. Just the right thing to get from A to B smoothly and in the best of moods. This makes the E-Lavena the perfect means of transport for getting to work."

STEVENS E-Lavena with the new Bosch Active+ motor is available in a Gent, Lady and Forma (low-instep) frame version in 10 sizes altogether for 2,799 Euros.

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