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Carsten Schabacher

Sports Bikes for Any Occasion

STEVENS aluminium frame cross bikes are either cyclocross racers, commuter bikes or sporty travel bikes – and from the new model year on they are even more comfortable

Gravel road or bike lane? Winter training with mud guards or summer vacation with pannier rack? STEVENS models Vapor, Prestige, Gavere and Tabor can do both. Now, for the current model year, the entry-level cyclocross bikes Gavere and Tabor were improved by adding another feature for more comfort on your daily commute or off-road trip - wider tires.

This way, in addition to their agile and sporty handling, to the option to carry luggage and protection from dirt, they offer another convincing argument to try these - depending on point of view - sporty every-day use bikes or every-day use capable sports bikes. A trendy category that at the time is gaining popularity under the name ”gravel bikes”.

Here at STEVENS we are convinced that cyclocross bikes, due to the sum of their talents like their stable handling, are the most suitable all-year sports bikes for any occasion:

  • for getting your work-out by continuing to commute in winter
  • for riding on either gravel roads or bike paths even in winter
  • for sports-oriented bike traveling

Not to forget: STEVENS aluminium frame cross bikes are of course still cyclocross bikes made to be raced in competition.

Gavere and Tabor
In its April 2017 issue Trekking BIKE magazine said about the STEVENS Gavere to have a ”slightly more relaxed” lay-out. New for the current model year 2018 are, as already mentioned, 40mm wide Schwalbe G-One tires. The directionally stable handling is due to a longer wheelbase, the more upright seating position to a taller head tube. In a test field of ”touring capable gravel bikes” it was awarded a ”best buy tip” by the TrekkingBIKE editors.

RadTouren magazine described the Gavere’s sporty, all-year character as such: ”Short wheelbase, second lowest weight in test, low seating position and specially sealed wheels - the Stevens Gavere clearly states that it’s capable of high-speed gravel outings as well as amateur ’cross racing.” At the same time it has the potential for fast-paced touring and commuting. For the overall package including a Shimano 105 drivetrain, RadTouren editors awarded the Gavere with the ”price-performance tip”.

Belgian cycling magazine Grinta certified the less expensive STEVENS Tabor to be ”a teaching tool for cyclocross newbies and a comfortable companion for touring and every-day use.” The Tabor is spec’d with a Shimano Tiagra drivetrain and also with 40mm wide Schwalbe G-One tire for extra cushioning. The seating position on the high-quality aluminium frame was quite upright and handling on the comfortable side. Thank to threaded eyelets ”the bike can easily be converted into a reliable commuter.”

Vapor and Prestige
The STEVENS Vapor and Prestige still are predominantly off-road race-oriented despite being equipped with eyelets for mud guards and pannier racks. In favour of maximum possible tire clearance tire width is limited to 33mm (which is still far more comfortable than a conventional road bike).

The 2018 Vapor now features a full carbon fork with tapered shaft and Flatmount disc brake attachment. Its Fulcrum wheels are securely fastened by thru-axles. And to enhance its all-year properties, the new carbon fork also can be retrofitted with mud guards.

The STEVENS Prestige was described by from Belgium in their Spring 2017 test as both – race bike and every-day companion: ”The Stevens Prestige clearly is a solid ’cross bike that can easily be converted into a commuter by retrofitting mud guards. It’s reliable, fast, versatile and just very comfortable to ride.”

Austrian bike traveller Helmut Pucher recently demonstrated that a cyclocross bike indeed can be both: Last autumn he completed his 30,000km (19,000 miles) long journey along the Panamericana Road from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska.

Starting at the southernmost tip of the American continent in Argentina he traveled the world’s longest road under the studded tires of his STEVENS Prestige.

Interviewed by STEVENS he said about his choice of bike: ”I was always amazed by the ’cross tires and ’cross wheels. They are the perfect solution for ever-changing road conditions. Despite traveling with luggage it was still important to me to keep a classic ”road bike feeling” when sitting on the bike.”

Versatility and robust specs surely are pragmatic arguments for these all-year sportsters. Yet, that ”road bike feeling” also appeals to those in favour of a fast, elegant riding style.

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