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This Bike Eats Miles and Climbs For Breakfast

In a test of touring and trail bikes performed by German BIKE magazine the STEVENS Carbon ES gave proof of its climbing prowess boasting the lowest weight best uphill performance.

STEVENS Jura Carbon ES: "light-weight trail fully with best uphill performance".
STEVENS Jura Carbon ES: "light-weight trail fully with best uphill performance".

BIKE magazine in its 10.2018 issue tested trail bikes on the Stoneman-taurista circuit near Salzburg, Austria; bikes for long-distance rides that offer easy handling on trails, climb well and are good descenders.

The STEVENS Jura Carbon ES drew attention among the seven tested bikes selling around 4,000 Euros with its climbing prowess: “At 12.7kg (28lbs) including pedals, handlebar-remote lock-out suspension and broad-range 2x11-speed drivetrain this bike easily drops the competition uphill.”

This was well-reflected in the points chart which evaluates uphill-performance, or as BIKE puts it: “Ambitious riders who like to collect as many kilometres and elevation as possible will find a perfect partner in the Stevens Jura.”

The trail and touring fully was by far the lightest bike in the seven-strong test field – at 12.73kg (28lbs) more than one kilogram lighter than the average 14kg (30.9lbs). The low weight was the result of the second-lightest in test frame, the second-lightest fork and the by far lightest wheelset. In addition the frame offers a very efficient carbon fiber lay-out which is expressed by the second best stiffness-to weight reading.

The slick bike’s 2x11-speed Shimano XT drivetrain also featured a 620% gear spread offering sufficient back-up for the steepest of climbs and fastest downhills, which makes it especially suitable for marathons. The flawless ”uphill performance“ was enhanced by the fact that the suspension can be locked rigid via handlebar remote. Suspension itself even remained drivetrain-neutral when completely open. Seating position was comfortable all the time.

When descending it was easily noticeable that the Jura Carbon ES’s suspension offered 8 to 10mm less travel and its Rocket Ron tires were narrower than those of the tested more downhill-oriented bikes. In the practicality category the Jura Carbon ES still ranked second and was attributed “fully off-road and marathon capable” while also passing the test with a solid A (“very good”).

The Stevens is the sportiest of all tested bikes. Uphill it’s a league of its own, downhill you might have to compromise. The Jura securely handles every descend, yet offers a few less resources when it gets technical. Its low weight makes it eat miles and vertical feet for breakfast.

The STEVENS Jura Carbon ES [Link] with Shimano 2x11-speed XT drivetrain, Fox Float Performance suspension with 120mm of travel, DT Swiss wheels, Syntace finishing kit and Kind Shock LEV dropper post is available for 3,999 Euros. Sizes: 16in (27,5“ wheels), 18in, 20in, 22in (29“ wheels).

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