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Carsten Schabacher

Touring and Trail Fully With Built-in Fun

Tested by MountainBIKE magazine, the STEVENS Jura was one of ”the testers’ absolute favourites” with excellent handling, outstanding chassis and best downhill ride characteristics it was suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike.


When reading the MountainBIKE editors’ remarks about the STEVENS Jura having been one of ”the testers’ absolute favourites”, one can safely assume their further statements in the test report are going to be positive.

And they are: In a test of touring fullies up to 2,500 Euros in their May, 2018 issue, the editors attested the full-suspension entry-level bike for marathons, touring and trails to have excellent handling, outstanding chassis and best downhill ride characteristics,  and to be ”super fun” to ride.

Just its weight was – like that of most test bikes – comparably high. What you get, though, is a robust bike with a sturdy aluminium frame, good specs and the highest steerer tube stiffness in test.

The test was about ”touring and all-round fullies with well-tuned, efficient and comfortable 120-130mm of travel, large and well-rolling 29” wheels, rock-solid and stiff aluminium frames and all-round respectable, long-lasting specs” for no more than 2,500 Euros. And ”which offer a safe ride but are still agile and nimble.”

The editors found the seating position to be ”comfortable and right in the middle of the bike”. This made handling a joy despite being somewhat on the calm side and enhanced by the best-in-test chassis: ”The Fox-32-Rhythm suspension fork as well as the four-link rear triangle with Fox cartridge respond super-sensitively, offer stable travel and transition into a harmonious, smoothly engaging end stroke.

This made relaxed trail riding just as fun as hard-core shredding. Yet, the Jura was an always predictable partner on gravel and country roads equally to beginners’ and experienced riders’ liking.

Conclusion: Nicest, wonderfully secure handling, super-capable 120mm fully with built-in fun – the Jura was one of the testers’ absolute favourites.

The STEVENS Jura is available in size 16in (27.5” wheels), 18, 20 and 22in (29” wheels) for 2,399 Euros.

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