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Well-Proven Sportster for Beginners

The STEVENS San Remo excelled in a test of entry-level bikes by TOUR magazine with agile ride qualities and solid specs.


The STEVENS San Remo was a sporty yet stable ride, but changed direction willingly, says TOUR in its 1.2018 issue – best requirements for a bike that when on the road is supposed to corner like on rails. Just as pictured on the tour issue’s front page.

Entry-level bikes up to 999 Euros from certified stationary dealers such as the San Remo, which the editors tested thoroughly on the road and in the lab, ”might be one or two kilos heavier than more expensive bikes and maybe in some details not absolutely up-to-date in terms of technology”, but they can convince with longevity and reliability.

The San Remo scored with its classic sporty seating position that just matched its stable yet nimble ride characteristics. This sporty ride quality was the result of the long top tube and ”the comparably light wheels from Fulcrum and its agile steerer geometry with a short wheelbase and very short fork rake made this bike a quite nimble ride.”

Solid Specs for All Occasions
The frame with its classic lines and level top tube was a ”well-proven design and mega-stiff”. In the 1000-Euros price range Shimano’s Tiagra group with 2x10-speed shifting and decent brakes was the weapon of choice. It did ”its job flawlessly”. Triple chainring drivetrains today are a thing of the past.

The gear range still offers a lot, at the San Remo for example you can find a 32-teeth ”granny gear” cog. Combined with the 34-teeth compact front chainring this represents an almost 1:1 ratio transmission that enables ”even less well-trained riders to climb stress-free.” Design and function of Tiagra are similar to those of the 11-speed gruppos: ”Gear changes are easy and precise just as we are used to from … Ultegra.”

Yet, when compared to 11-speed groups (from105 up) one could feel the larger gaps between gears. Further positive aspects were the 25mm wide Continental tires and the many frame sizes in small increments. With eight sizes from 44 to 60cm the San Remo was a bike for any beginner roadie at fewer than 1,000 Euros.

Conclusion: ”Very stable, relatively light wheels, eight sizes: The San Remo is a sporty and nimble road bike for an entry-level price.

The STEVENS San Remo is available in sizes 44, 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60cm in Lightning Red for 999 Euros.

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