Poids 13,7 kg
Taille  27,5" - 16" | 29" - 18", 20", 22"
Cadre Aluminium SL 7005 DB
Couleur (s) Neon Yellow


Prix public conseillé
2 599,00 €

Le tout suspendu classique pour le marathon et le trail.

Le Jura ES vous offre une direction stable et des facilités dans le franchissement d'obstacles. Et quand la piste devient délicate, la tige de selle télescopique est votre meilleure amie. Les composants pour suspension éprouvés de Fox avec 120 mm de débattement à l'avant et à l'arrière vous donnent le contrôle et la vitesse. L'entraînement est pris en charge par la transmission 2 x 11 vitesses de Shimano, appuyée par un dérailleur arrière XT.

  • Vélo marathon et trail tout suspendu avec châssis Fox 120 mm équilibré
  • Nouvelle transmission Shimano Deore XT/SLX 2x12 vitesses
  • Cintre Wide Riser et tige de selle télescopique
  • Roues Fulcrum Red Zone
  • Tailles de roues spécifiques : 27,5" (16") ou 29" (18 + 20 + 22")


Rearshock Development

Diffferent purposes in different terrain require different ride properties. This is why every fully rear triangle receives a specific setup from STEVENS' engineers to meet the respective bike's requirement for optimum performance. Firm for minimum power loss in the marathon with lots of comfort for long distance riding with a linear characteristic curve and mind-soothing reserves for hard hits.

Boost-Standard Fork

What is right for the rear wheel is even more important at the front wheel - because steering precision matters. This is why STEVENS uses suspension forks and hubs with extra wide axle spacing for this bike. These 110mm of axle spacing are called "Boost" or "Plus" and stand for lots of added lateral stiffness plus space for extra wide studded tires.

Boost Rear Axle Spacing

This bike adheres to the "Boost" standard with 148 mm axle spacing. And there are good reasons for that. Rear wheel stiffness increases by 20 % which is especially beneficial in large 29" wheels. And there is more space for voluminous studded tires to give you more control and fun an the trail.


Using water pressure aluminium tubes are transformed from their original round shape into their ideal shape determined by STEVENS engineers and designers.

Versatile cable routing

We keep the cable routing on our bikes as versatile as possible so you can ride your bike like you want to. There are wide and therefore easy to reach cable ports in the frame to insert shift or brake sleeves, Di2 cables or even no sleeves at all - there are the appropriate cover plugs for all of this.

Tapered Steerer / Tapered Headtube

Fork shaft (or steerer tube) and head tube are tapered, meaning their diameter increases from top to bottom resulting in a conical shape. The diameter needs to be bigger at the bottom since this is where higher stress is applied - especially when the bike has a higher total weight due to luggage or an e-drive and battery. Also tapered steerers feature a smoother force transfer (like forces caused by hard braking) to the downtube than forks with a continuous 1 1/8" diameter.

Triple Butted, Double Butted

Meaning a frame tube has three or two different wall thicknesses along its length. Triple butted (TB) is the usual technology with STEVENS high-quality frames.
Tubes with different wall thicknesses are optimally adjusted to certain ways of manufacturing or to withstand specific loads. Where the highest loads occur or where tubes are welded, walls are the thickest. Butted tubes allow frame weight to be lower by several hundred grams.

QR15 Front Thru-Axle

"15" stands for the diameter in millimeters, "QR" for quick release. Combined they are the most useful method to fix the front wheel to the (suspension) fork. With convincing advantages: high stiffness, precise positioning of the brake disc and super-easy handling. So STEVENS specs almost all its mountain bikes and even high-quality trekking bikes, cross bikes and pedelecs with a thru-axle. Additionally, especially with 29" MTBs axle spacing is increased from 100 to 110 mm which makes the design even stiffer.

E-thru Rear Axle

E-thru Rear Axle at E-Cayolle

This abbreviation stands for Shimano's thru-axle standard for rear stays that integrates a thread into the dropout. As a result, the 12mm thru axle provides outstanding rear triangle stiffness and utmost precision in brake disc alignement to prevent annoying brake rub.

Chain Stay Protector

Now you can tackle any downhill ramp without worry: The specially fitted chain stay protector prevents the chain stays of STEVENS carbon fullies from getting damaged by a slapping chain.


Electronic shifting is already well established in road bikes as well as in mountain bikes next to classic mechanical systems. Impressively fast and reliable gear changes and minimum maintenance pay their dividends not only at the Tour de France, in cyclocross or on the Cross-Country World Cup circuit. That's why STEVENS road bike and MTB frames are "Di2"-ready, meaning they are prepared for an elegant integration of batteries and electric cables (instead of usual wire cables). Even for the classy Alfine gear hub Shimano offers an electronic version.




Aluminium SL 7005 DB
  • O.L.D.: 148 mm
  • Brake: postmount disc 7"
  • BB: Pressfit BB92
  • Front derailleur mount: Direct mount (high)
  • Cable routing: internal
Fox 32 Float Rhythm
  • Travel: 120 mm
  • Air suspension
  • Tapered Steerer 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
  • O.L.D.: 110 mm
  • Brake: postmount disc 6"
Jeu de direction
STEVENS MTB Taper 1 1/8"-1 1/2"
  • Upper bearing cup: ZS44/28.6
  • Lower bearing cup: ZS55/40
Fox Float DPS Performance
  • Travel: 120 mm
  • Air suspension
  • Length: 190 mm
  • Shock travel: 51 mm
  • Mounting width: 22.2x8 mm/22.2x8 mm
Shimano BR-M6000
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Rotor: SM-RT54
  • Rotor size: 180/180 mm
  • 6-Bolt


Shimano SLX
  • FC-M7120-B2
  • 36-26 T
  • BB type: Pressfit BB92 / Hollowtech II
  • Boost chain line
Dérailleur avant
Shimano SLX
  • FD-M7020-11-D6
  • Side-Swing
Dérailleur arrière
Shimano Deore XT Shadow+
  • RD-M8120-SGS
  • 12-speed
  • Total capacity: 45 T
Shimano SLX
Shimano SLX
  • CS-M7100
  • 12-speed
  • Combination: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45 T
Zoom 1.28 - 7.96 m, 2*12
Zoom 1.35 - 8.39 m, 2*12


Paire de roues
Fulcrum Red Zone 700 DB
  • Axle: QR15x110/12x148 mm
Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution
  • Tire size: 60-584 | 622
  • Foldable
  • Addix Speedgrip compound
  • SnakeSkin
  • Tubeless Easy

Poste de pilotage

Oxygen Scorpo
  • Width: 760 mm
  • Backsweep: 7°
  • Rise: 11 mm
  • Clamp: 31.8 mm
Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Handlebar clamp: 31.8 mm
  • Angle: 5°
Oxygen Roccia
Tige de Selle
Kind Shock LEV-SI
  • Travel: 100 mm | 125 mm | 150 mm
  • Remote Lockout
  • Length: 350 mm | 400 mm | 450 mm
  • Diameter: 30.9 mm
  • Insertion depth: min. 90 mm (100) | 100 mm (125 + 150)
Levier de commande
Shimano SLX
  • SL-M7100
  • 12-speed
Levier de frein
Shimano BL-M6000
  • 2 finger


13,7 kg
27,5" - 16" | 29" - 18", 20", 22"
Couleur (s)
Neon Yellow
Poid en charge max.
115 kg
  • Bike incl. rider, clothing and luggage

Rapports d'essais

Logo Bestes Bike bergab – Liebling der Tester

Bestes Bike bergab – Liebling der Tester


Great, wonderfully safe handling, highly capable 120 mm fully with built-in fun - the Jura was one of the testers' absolute favourites.
Logo Treuer Tourenfreund

Treuer Tourenfreund


With the Jura you get a all-round, well-assembled, trustworthy friend - with pleasant handling and efficient suspension.
Logo Ein gutes Einsteiger-Tourenfully

Ein gutes Einsteiger-Tourenfully


La position assise, la géométrie et le rapport qualité-prix du Jura vous convaincra. Un vélo de voyage et de randonnée de première qualité qui dévoile toutes ces qualités en descente.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Taille cadre (") 16 18 20 22 Type de mesure
Taille de roue (") 27,5 29,0 29,0 29,0  
Hauteur tube de selle A1 592 624 631 653 nominal
Hauteur tube de selle A2 430 455 500 530 Centre de l'axe de pédalier jusqu'au tube de selle
Hauteur tube de selle A3 407 432 480 494 Centre de l'axe de pédalier jusqu'au tube horizontal
Longueur tube horizontal B 549 563 589 609  
Longueur tube horizontal C 580 600 620 640 jusqu'à la tige de selle
Angle tube de direction (°) D 68,5 68,5 68,5 68,5  
Angle tube de selle (°) E 74 73,8 73,6 73,4 réel jusqu'au HT
Empattement F 1119 1155 1175 1196  
Longueur tube des bases G 430 445 445 445  
Longueur tube de direction H 100 100 110 140  
Abaissement axe pédalier I 18 35 35 35 Distance de l'axe de pédalier au moyeu
Hauteur pédalier K 335 335 335 335 Distance au sol
Courbure du cintre L 44 51 51 51  
Slope M 168 181 149 150 Tube horizontal: différence de niveau avant/arrière
Diamètre de la roue N 353 370 370 370 Pneus compris
Hauteur cadre O 761 773 778 780 distance dessus du tube horizontal – sol
Hauteur de la fourche P 508 521 521 521 Capots de jeu de direction compris
Distance roue avant – axe pédalier Q 690 712 732 753  
Reach R 424 435 452 462 Du boitier de pédalier au tube de direction, horizontalement
Stack S 569 595 605 634 Du boitier de pédalier au tube de direction, verticalement
Stack/Reach (1:x)   1,34 1,37 1,34 1,37 Rapport entre Stack et Reach
Diamètre tige de selle   30,9 30,9 30,9 30,9  
Longueur potence   70 80 80 90 Centre-Centre
Angle potence (°)   5 5 5 5  
Collier de potence   31,8 31,8 31,8 31,8  
Entretoises montées   7,3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 10  
Largeur cintre   760 760 760 760  
Longueur manivelle   170 175 175 175  
    16 18 20 22  

* 1/3 de la distance du tube de selle