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Long-Distance Drop-Bar Commuter

The STEVENS Supreme was a modern drop-bar bike for any occasion, be it on tarmac or off-road, says My Bike magazine.

Bike typology: The new STEVENS Supreme is a class of bicycle developing within the continuing gravel trend. It is still developing since there is not an efficient number yet to call it its own category – but this maybe still to come, according to My Bike issue 3.2019 that introduces different modern drop-bar sports bikes.

The STEVENS Supreme could best be described as a “long-distance commuter”, a fast bike for the way to work that features everything to make it road legal and comfortable to ride – dynamo-powered lights, mudguards, reflectors and the possibility to easily install a pannier rack.

Features that make sense: “Finely-stepped gears and disc brakes are common, but expensive top-shelf components do not fit into urban traffic.”

To climb easily but still have a big enough gear to reach decent speeds on the flats is a lot more important. And no problem at all for the true and trusted Shimano 105 group with compact drivetrain (50/34 teeth chainrings and 11-32 teeth cassette), providing sufficient gears for most cyclists to climb and go fast effortlessly.

The “Spyre” disc brakes from TRP delivered a convincing performance in the test, and “were very decent especially considering the price range”, says My Bike.

The tires, Schwalbe’s multi-talented G-One with reflective trim, also performed flawlessly. The cyclocross connection cannot be denied since the Supreme is an offspring of the Gavere, an aluminium-framed ‘cross bike.

In cyclocross STEVENS was a well-established brand, the editors point out, and the Supreme is a cyclocross typical compact design. “The stiff aluminium frame features a slightly stretched-out seating position, steering geometry is a good compromise”, the writers conclude.

With this kind of specs and ride quality the Supreme is a bike not only for commuting. It is also just as suitable for more ambitious rides on weekends, that do not have to stop when the paved road ends, but can continue on forest and gravel roads. And when a pannier rack is attached the weekend ride can turn into a fast-paced bike-packing tour.

The STEVENS Supreme in Umbra Grey is available in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 cm.

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