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Perfect For Touring, Every-Day Riding and Commuting

Remarkably well-balanced, close to perfection: The Avantgarde excelled in a test by My Bike magazine with its light-hearted character and long-distance capable ride qualities.

“This remarkably well-balanced Stevens bike is everybody’s darling”, are the introductory words of the My Bike test report about the STEVENS Avantgarde in magazine’s 3.2019 edition, and the report continues: “Seating position, ergonomics, ride characteristics – everything just fits together from the very beginning. Its cultivated handling and ride quality really stand out.”

In the preface the editors explain the difference between a touring bike and a “regular” every-day use bike. What a bike tour is, on the other hand, be it an after-work ride or multi-day bike packing, is totally up to every cyclist. Yet, a touring bike should be fairly light-weight, offer secure and calm handling and a seating position that a rider can comfortably maintain for a couple of hours. All that should be complemented with high-quality, safe technology.

Clever and Light-Weight
The editors further describe the Avantgarde as such: “Its cultivated handling and ride quality are convincing.” To give it that calm ride quality, the Avantgarde, among others, has a quite long wheelbase (distance between front and rear hub). Stability is added by the high-quality frame and air suspension fork which can be adjusted to rider weight.

Having a suspension fork on a touring bike or not, is always a compromise between weight and comfort. In a test field of 12 bikes the Avantgarde in frame size 55 cm was the lightest with suspension fork at 13.8 kg (30.5 lbs) while the average weight of all bikes was 14.1 kg (31 lbs). And the Avantgarde saves weight in all the right places: Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires are among the lightest yet also most reliable tires out there.

Because with wheels not only the overall weight is important, but especially how that weight is distributed. The further outside on the wheel this weight sits, the more effort is required to accelerate - this is why “it is smart to invest in the lightest possible tires, tubes and rims.”

Useful Specs
All in all the editors praised the Avantgarde’s high-quality, useful Specs. Like the Shimano XT drivetrain, the hydraulic Deore Disc brakes, and the lights from Busch + Müller whose IQ-XS Senso+ head light that illuminates the road you travel until long after dark with its 70 Lux in superior fashion.

The head light also features near-field illumination and daylight-running function and it also switches on automatically as soon as it gets dark. The Shine Evo tail light is nicely integrated into the pannier rack. The rack and the fenders were very much to the testers’ liking as was the sturdy rear-triangle kickstand. All good prerequisites for trouble-free riding. This was complimented by the ride quality due to “a well thought-through, quite sporty seating position, close to perfection“ that made the STEVENS Avantgarde perfectly suitable for every-day riding and commuting.

Conclusion: “Seating position, ergonomics, ride characteristics – everything just fits together. The cultivated handling and ride quality really stand out. The high-quality frame and air suspension combine ride stability and low weight.

The STEVENS Avantgarde is available in sizes 52, 55, 58, and 61 cm in the Gents’ version for 1,799 Euros. The Avantgarde Lady with trapezoid frame is available in sizes 46, 50, and 54 cm for the same price.

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