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Sporty, Nimble, Sophisticated

12,5 Kilograms of finest technology: The STEVENS 8X Lite Tour is an example of what kind of ride experience modern bicycle technology, when usefully integrated, can create.

“One of the most capable bikes for short and long-distance rides“, is My Bike magazine’s conclusion after a thorough review of the STEVENS 8X Lite Tour. The top-of-the-line model is exemplary for sporty, every-day capable bikes from the City Cross line, that was developed by STEVENS from the minimalistic X-cross line for city, gravel and forest roads. The 8X Lite Tour is also an example of what kind of ride experience modern bicycle technology, when usefully combines with top-shelf components, can create.

Of course the frameset is the basis for all of that. According to My Bike’s testers it provided “high lateral stiffness and direct, precise steering, immediately transferring pedal power into forward motion combined with agility and secure handling.”

The 8X Lite Tour makes all this possible with its load-specifically optimized frame tubes. Several steps of hydroforming – a method of applying pressure by oil or water – are used to shape the tubes into the desired form. This way the downtube can be large at the steerer tube to absorb great forces without bending but also taper down to be slimmer at the bottom bracket. The seat tube becomes wider at the bottom, to have the least possible amount of pedalling force possible wasted. Also the steerer tube tapers from a small diameter at the top to a big diameter at the bottom, not only to offer more contact surface for the down tube, but also to make room for a wider fork shaft that contributes to more precise steering.

When making such an effort it is only consistent to polish the welds in a further step of production. We think it looks good and also it increases the toughness of the tube interface. The mostly internally routed cables provide a clean appearance. A little trick will make mechanics happy: The shifting cable disappears inside a little opening in the frame to appear from a bigger opening near the bottom bracket by itself without any hassle.

Triple butted means that the frame tubes have three different wall thicknesses, thicker at the ends where they are welded together and where the most stress occurs, and thinner in the middle. This saves some material and therefore weight. Not only due to these meticulously shaped tubes the 8X Lite Tour only weighs 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs) in size 55.

Pedal Force Directly Converted Into Forward Motion
One contribution to the sports-oriented character is the slim rigid fork: My bike explains: “This tough tourer appeals to the sportsmanship that the 8X’s rider definitely need to have. The seating position is on the rather stretched side, steering thanks to the stiff fork with through axle, is very nimble.” It’s one kilogram lighter than a suspension fork which is also because of its construction. Its lower part is made in one piece applying the super plastic forming (SPF) method which saves weight, does away with welds and provides lateral stiffness thus increasing steering precision.

STEVENS engineers apply this proprietary design in various configurations in several STEVENS bikes. In the 8X Lite Tour it accommodates a 12 mm thru-axle mount. Thru axles are the right choice for high-quality STEVENS bikes and e-bikes to provide absolutely secure clamping of the front wheel, higher lateral stiffness and a precise positioning of the brake disc inside the brake calliper.

The rear dropouts indeed fulfil a whole bunch of functions. While the right-side one accommodates the derailleur hanger and one of the pannier rack struts, the left one houses the brake calliper and the kickstand mount. Both also support the pannier rack struts which are directly attached to them. Together with the middle strut running under the mud guard the pannier rack offers 20 % more lateral stiffness than conventionally mounted racks – offering more convenience for touring with heavy luggage or shopping a large supply of groceries using a bigger type of panniers. Also, we think that clean appearance just looks really good.

12.5 Kg Of Finest Technology
Combined with the meticulously crafted frame the specs can really live up to their full strengths. Take for example the wheels that are a joy to accelerate being shod in light Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance tires in rather sporty 35 mm width.

The Shimano Deore XT shifting components are the epitome of high-quality bicycle technology. With a gear spread of 537 % there’s always the right gear for any kind of situation or climb. The low operating forces required for shifting, especially that of the front derailleur, are unsurpassed by any trekking bike component – just give it a try at your local STEVENS dealer!

Because you can’t help a ride with the 8X Lite Tour to last a lot longer than usual, it needs a decent head light. The IQ-X head light illuminates the road in front of you with a record-breaking 100 Lux. For comparison: German law requires 20 Lux to be legal. Manufacturer Busch + Müller also managed to incorporate near field illumination, day-time running lights and an automatic on-off function into the tiny space of the IQ-X. The Shine Evo tail light with stationary light function is elegantly integrated into the pannier rack. All in all 12.5 kg of finest bicycle technology – now making the great ride experience is up to you!

Das 8X Lite Tour is available in the Gents‘ version in sizes 48, 52, 55, 58, 61 and 64 cm and in the Ladies’ version (trapezoid frame) in 46, 50 and 54 cm for an exact fit. In addition to the 8X Lite Tour, the City Cross line offers other Lite models with a rigid fork, the 7X Lite Tour, the 6X Lite Tour and the 4X Lite Tour with adequate and light-weight specs for the respective price.

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