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Carsten Schabacher

Superb For Everyday Riding and Touring

The STEVENS E-Gadino always keeps its calm and excels with handling and great range, says ElektroBIKE magazine about the city pedelec in its annual edition., schreibt das ElektroBIKE-Magazin über das City-Pedelec in seiner Jahresausgabe.

The STEVENS E-Gadino does not want to draw attention, is the editors’ first impression of the city pedelec painted in Slate Grey. As pleasantly inconspicuous the appearance as superb a ride is the E-Gadino: “It does not want to stand out by looks or technology-wise, but due to its sovereign character it always keeps its calm.”

The Steps E6100 motor from Shimano delivers a rather gentle push, delivering a “normal-bike feeling” and delivers its support very evenly, according to the testers. The (semi) integration of the battery into the frame was also done very harmoniously.

The frame determined a pleasantly sports-oriented riding style and seating position for touring and every-day riding. Here, the ergonomically shaped grips and the adjustable suspension fork with lock-out provided necessary comfort. All in all the smoothly operation motor, the superb handling and the great range added up to the homogenous character of the E-Gadino. This way, and taking the price into account, this city e-bike is a beauty on second sight.

Conclusion: The STEVENS E-Gadino due to its sovereign character it always keeps its calm. The motor delivers a gentle push and a great range.

The STEVENS E-Gadino is available in the Gents‘ version in sizes 52, 55, 58, 61, and 64 cm, as Lady and Forma (low-instep) in 46, 50, 54 and 46, 52, 56 cm.             

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