Beat SL Disc

Peso 9.9 kg
Telaio Aluminium 6061 TB
Colore(i) Python
Taglie 12,5"


Prezzo consigliato pubblico
599,00 Fr.

Attention, watch out for discs!

From now on bike-crazy kids will not have to do without the stuff that makes their parents' hardtails perform so well: compact frame, super-light aluminium fork, hydraulic disc brakes with precise modulation and a 1x drivetrain. And STEVENS' engineers have done their best to keep it all under 10 kg (22 lbs).

  • Sporty compact frame w/ extra low standover height
  • Extra light due to aluminium fork and triple butted frame tubes
  • Hydraulic disc brakes w/ kid-friendly lever reach
  • Single chainring for intuitive 8-speed shifting
  • Kid-size crank arm length, suitable gear spread




Aluminium 6061 TB
  • O.L.D.: 135 mm
  • Brake: IS disc
  • BB: BSA 68 mm
  • Cable routing: external
  • Rack mounts
Forcella Frontale
STEVENS Alu Unicrown
  • Aluminium steerer
  • Steerer 1 1/8"
  • O.L.D.: 100 mm
  • Brake: IS disc 6"
Serie Sterzo
  • Upper bearing cup: ZS44/28.6
  • Lower bearing cup: ZS44/30
Tektro HD-J285
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Rotor: Tektro TR160-24
  • Rotor size: 160/160 mm
  • 6-Bolt


Oxygen Aluminium Pro
  • 32 T
  • BB type: BSA 68 mm / Square taper (118 mm axle length)
  • Chainguard
Deragliatore r
Shimano Altus
  • RD-M310
  • 8-speed
  • Total capacity: 43 T
KMC Z8.3
Shimano CS-HG31
  • 8-speed
  • Combination: 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32 T
KID Reflex
Gamma Marcie
Zoom 1.91 - 5.56 m, 1*8

Set Ruote

Oxygen Alu
  • Axle: QR9x100/10x135 mm
Oxygen RM-M21 Disc
  • ETRTO: 21 x 507
Schwalbe Billy Bonkers
  • Tire size: 50-507
  • Active Line
  • KevlarGuard
  • LiteSkin

Postazione di guida

Oxygen Pistol
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Backsweep: 9°
  • Rise: 12 mm
  • Clamp: 25.4 mm
Oxygen Aluminium Pro
  • Handlebar clamp: 25.4 mm
  • Angle: 35°
Oxygen Sportline
Oxygen Aluminium
  • Length: 300 mm
  • Diameter: 27.2 mm
  • Insertion depth: min. 80 mm
Leva del cambio
Shimano SL-RS45-8R Revo
  • Revo shifter
  • 8-speed
Leva del freno
Tektro HD-J285
  • 2 finger


9.9 kg
65 kg
  • Bike incl. rider, clothing and luggage


Triple Butted, Double Butted

Meaning a frame tube has three or two different wall thicknesses along its length. Triple butted (TB) is the usual technology with STEVENS high-quality frames.
Tubes with different wall thicknesses are optimally adjusted to certain ways of manufacturing or to withstand specific loads. Where the highest loads occur or where tubes are welded, walls are the thickest. Butted tubes allow frame weight to be lower by several hundred grams.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Trekking)

There is no brake system more reliable than hydraulic disc brakes - that is why we strongly advice everyone, who is riding their bike (nearly) 12 months a year to choose one of our models with a disc brake. Brake power is easy to modulate and does not fade a bit in the wet. Also the brakes are almost maintenance-free. And your local STEVENS dealer will gladly explain to you what you need to take care of when removing and re-installing a wheel.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Altezza Telaio (")   12.5 Metodo di misura
Lunghezza tubo sella A1 549 nominale
Lunghezza tubo sella A2 300 dal mov.centrale a fine tubo sella
Lunghezza tubo sella A3 241 dal mov.centrale al tubo orizzontale
Lunghezza top tube B 514  
Top tube orizzontale C 515 dal centro tubo sterzo al centro tubo sella
Angolo seriesterzo (°) D 69  
Inclinazione tubo sella (°) E 72  
Ruota ferma F 982  
Lunghezza batti catena G 410  
Lunghezza seriesterzo H 145  
Inclinazione movimento centrale I 50 distanza dal mov.centrale al livello centro mozzi
Altezza movimento centrale K 258 distanza dal terreno
Inclinazione forcella L 45  
Inclinazione M 295 distanza del livello tubo orizzontale (fronte - retro)
Raggio ruota N 308 incl. Copertura
Altezza regolabile O 603 dal top del tubo orizzontale al terreno*
Altezza gambo forcella P 378 incl. Base tappo dello sterzo
Distanziale per movimento centrale - ruota anteriore Q 577  
Reach R 345 Dall'albero delle pedivelle al centro serie sterzo, in orizzontale
Stack S 522 Dall'albero delle pedivelle al centro serie sterzo, in verticale
Stack/Reach (1:x)   1,46 Rapporto catasta da raggiungere
Diametro reggisella   27,2  
Lunghezza attacco   70 centro-centro
Angolo attacco (°)   35  
Diamentro manubrio   25,4  
Set Spaziatori   19,4 + 10 + 5 + 5 + 5  
Larghezza manubrio   560  
Lunghezza pedivella   152  

* Valore misurato di 1/3 staccato dal reggisella