Sonora X0

Gewicht 10,1 kg
Frame Carbon SL HMF
Kleur(en) Slate Grey
Maten 29" - 16", 18", 20", 22"


Op aanvraag

Dat krijg je ervan ...

... als STEVENS een racemachine op grote 29” wielen ontwerpt voor ambitieuze marathonrijders: een monocoque carbon topframe. Gekoppeld aan componenten die de klappen van een heel raceseizoen moeiteloos verteren - van het volledige 1x12-speed Sram XO1 Eagle-aandrijfsysteem en de verderlichte Fox Step Cast geveerde vork tot de glanzende DT Swiss-wielen en krachtige Shimano Deore XT-schijfremmen. Het geheel weegt slechts slechts 10,2 kg. Kortom: de Sonora XO.

  • Carbon hardtail met hoogwaardige framekenmerken en wereldbekerwaardig stuurgedrag
  • Lichte Fox 32 Float Step Cast geveerde vork met afstandbediende lockout
  • Volledige Sram X01 Eagle DUB 1x12-versnellingsaandrijving
  • DT Swiss 29"-wielen met versterkte asstandaard
  • Snelle banden: Schwalbe Racing Ray / Racing Ralph




Carbon SL HMF
  • Double Chamber Technology
  • Vorkafstand: 148 mm
  • Rem: Postmount schijf 6"
  • BB: Pressfit 92
  • Bevestiging voorderailleur: Direct mount (hoog)
  • Kabelgeleiding: intern
Fox 32 Float SC Performance
  • Step Cast-technologie
  • Veerweg: 100 mm
  • Luchtvering
  • Remote lockout
  • Tapse stuurbuis 1 1/8" - 1 1/2”
  • Vorkafstand: 110 mm
  • Rem: Postmount schijf 6"
STEVENS Race Taper 1 1/8"-1 1/2"
  • Bovenste lagercup: IS42/28.6
  • Onderste lagercup: IS52/40
Shimano Deore XT
  • BR-M8100
  • Hydraulische schijfrem
  • Rotor: RT-MT800
  • Rotormaat: 180/160 mm
  • Centerlock


Sram X01 Eagle B DUB Carbon
  • 34 T
  • BB-type: Press Fit MTB 89/92 mm / 29 mm
  • Boost-kettinglijn
Sram X01 Eagle
  • 12-speed
  • Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch™
  • Cage Lock™
  • Totale capaciteit: 40 T
Sram X01 Eagle
Sram XG 1275 Eagle
  • 12-speed
  • Combinatie: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-52 T
Zoom 1.58 - 7.89 m, 1*12


DT Swiss X 1900 Spline
  • As: QR15x110/12x148 mm
Schwalbe Racing Ray | Racing Ralph Evolution
  • Bandmaat: 57-622
  • Vouwbaar
  • Addix Speed-compound
  • LiteSkin
  • Tubeless Easy


Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Breedte: 700 mm
  • Backsweep: 7°
  • Rise: 11 mm
  • Klem: 31,8 mm
Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Stuurklem: 31,8 mm
  • Hoek: 5°
Oxygen Roccia
Oxygen Scorpo MTB
  • Lengte: 380 mm
  • Diameter: 30,9 mm
  • Insteekdiepte: min. 100 mm
Sram X01 Eagle Trigger
  • 12-speed
Shimano Deore XT
  • BL-M8100
  • 2-finger


10,1 kg
Toegest. totaalgewicht
115 kg
  • Fiets inclusief fietser, kleding en bagage
Slate Grey
29" - 16", 18", 20", 22"


True monocoque frame

True monocoque frame: The STEVENS Sonora

True monocoque frame To make this frame, all carbon fibre mats are placed in ONE mould and then "baked" with the resin matrix to form a premium frame. Only with this one-piece design all the advantages of carbon as a frame material can be exploited: perfect design for the actual loads, optimum power flow from the head tube via the main frame and seat and chain stays to the rear wheel - and all this with minimum material requirements (= weight!). Many carbon frames on the market are instead assembled from several pieces.

Boost-Standard Fork

What is right for the rear wheel is even more important at the front wheel - because steering precision matters. This is why STEVENS uses suspension forks and hubs with extra wide axle spacing for this bike. These 110mm of axle spacing are called "Boost" or "Plus" and stand for lots of added lateral stiffness plus space for extra wide studded tires.

Boost Rear Axle Spacing

This bike adheres to the "Boost" standard with 148 mm axle spacing. And there are good reasons for that. Rear wheel stiffness increases by 20 % which is especially beneficial in large 29" wheels. And there is more space for voluminous studded tires to give you more control and fun an the trail.

High Modulus Carbon Fibers

Only the very best materials are used for the highest quality STEVENS carbon frames - so called high modulus carbon fibres. They offer a perfect combination of maximum toughness and targeted elasticity. This way they provide maximum lateral stiffness for best forward drive and a high amount of comfort. Result: incredibly light and enormously stiff frames.

Versatile cable routing

We keep the cable routing on our bikes as versatile as possible so you can ride your bike like you want to. There are wide and therefore easy to reach cable ports in the frame to insert shift or brake sleeves, Di2 cables or even no sleeves at all - there are the appropriate cover plugs for all of this.

4-piston disc brakes

4-piston disc brakes

The demanding riders of high-end MTBs and touring e-bikes - with or without "E" support - are satisfied with nothing less than the most powerful hydraulic disc brakes in terms of braking performance and riding safety. They have 4 pistons per caliper instead of 2, and their larger brake pads can withstand much more heat, making them almost immune to fading (less friction due to heating).


Electronic shifting is already well established in road bikes as well as in mountain bikes next to classic mechanical systems. Impressively fast and reliable gear changes and minimum maintenance pay their dividends not only at the Tour de France, in cyclocross or on the Cross-Country World Cup circuit. That's why STEVENS road bike and MTB frames are "Di2"-ready, meaning they are prepared for an elegant integration of batteries and electric cables (instead of usual wire cables). Even for the classy Alfine gear hub Shimano offers an electronic version.

Tapered Steerer / Tapered Headtube

Fork shaft (or steerer tube) and head tube are tapered, meaning their diameter increases from top to bottom resulting in a conical shape. The diameter needs to be bigger at the bottom since this is where higher stress is applied - especially when the bike has a higher total weight due to luggage or an e-drive and battery. Also tapered steerers feature a smoother force transfer (like forces caused by hard braking) to the downtube than forks with a continuous 1 1/8" diameter.

QR15 Front Thru-Axle

"15" stands for the diameter in millimeters, "QR" for quick release. Combined they are the most useful method to fix the front wheel to the (suspension) fork. With convincing advantages: high stiffness, precise positioning of the brake disc and super-easy handling. So STEVENS specs almost all its mountain bikes and even high-quality trekking bikes, cross bikes and pedelecs with a thru-axle. Additionally, especially with 29" MTBs axle spacing is increased from 100 to 110 mm which makes the design even stiffer.

E-thru Rear Axle

E-thru Rear Axle at E-Cayolle

This abbreviation stands for Shimano's thru-axle standard for rear stays that integrates a thread into the dropout. As a result, the 12mm thru axle provides outstanding rear triangle stiffness and utmost precision in brake disc alignement to prevent annoying brake rub.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Framemaat (")   16 18 20 22 Meetmethode
Wielmaat (") 29 29 29 29  
Zitbuislengte A1 624 629 644 661 Nominaal
Zitbuislengte A2 396 420 480 520 Hart trapas tot bovenkant zitbuis
Zitbuislengte A3 337 386 423 470 Hart trapas tot bovenkant bovenbuis
Bovenbuislengte B 552 574 596 619  
Bovenbuis horizontaal C 573 598 623 648 Tot snijpunt zadelpen
Hoek van de balhoofdbuis (°) D 70 70 70 70  
Zitbuishoek (°) E 74,5 74,5 74,5 74,5  
Wielbasis F 1075 1100 1127 1152  
Lengte van de liggende achtervork G 435 435 435 435  
Lengte van de balhoofdbuis H 95 100 115 125  
Trapasverlaging I 65 65 65 65 Afstand tot naafhoogte*
Trapashoogte K 306 306 306 306 Afstand tot grond*
Vorksprong L 44 44 44 44  
Sloping M 259 219 194 167 Hoogteverschil bovenbuis voor/achter
Wieldiameter N 371 371 371 371 Incl. banden
Standoverhoogte O 734 766 795 826 Bovenkant bovenbuis tot grond**
Inbouwhoogte van de voorvork P 490 490 490 490 Incl. de onderste balhoofdcup*
Afstand voorwiel tot trapas Q 648 674 700 725  
Reach R 405 428 449 472 Horizontaal van trapas tot balhoofdbuis
Stack S 601 606 620 629 Verticaal van trapas tot balhoofdbuis
Stack/reach (1:x)   1,48 1,40 1,38 1,35 Verhouding stack tot reach
Diameter van de zadelpen   30,9 30,9 30,9 30,9  
Stuurpenlengte   70 80 90 100 Hart op hart
Stuurpenhoek (°)   5 5 5 5  
Stuurklem   31,8 31,8 31,8 31,8  
Gemonteerde spacers   8.3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 10  
Stuurbreedte   700,0 700,0 700,0 700,0  
Cranklengte   170 175 175 175  
    16 18 20 22  

* Incl. berijder en met iets ingeveerde verende voorvork (standaard fietshouding)

** 1/3 van de zitbuis verwijderd, voorvork en achterdemper niet ingeveerd