E-Inception FR 9.7 GTF

Hmotnost 23.1 kg
Frame Carbon SL HMF
Barva Magic Black
Velikost 29"/27,5" - 16", 18", 20", 22"


On Request

“FR” as in “Freeride”.

The hardcore version of the completely new STEVENS E-Inception model range is at home on the roughest, most technical trails. Here the powerful RockShox suspension smoothes out any obstacles thanks to massive 180/170mm travel. And especially in uphill, the brand new Shimano EP8 drive system with a massive 85 Newton meter torque and a record-breaking 726Wh battery gives you enduring power. The innovative carbon frame with sporty-agile geometry in collaboration with the 29"/27.5" wheel combo ensures pure riding fun - matching the high-end equipment with ingredients from the most renowned cult companies from Acros to Race Face.

  • Completely new Freeride dual-suspension e-bike w/ high-tech carbon frame and 29/27.5" wheels
  • Capable 180/170 mm chassis with the brand new RockShox ZEB Ultimate suspension fork
  • Perfectly integrated, new Shimano EP8 drive plus 720 Wh battery for new climbing records
  • Smartphone charging socket (USB-C) on top tube
  • High-end components from Acros, e*thirteen, Race Face, ...




Carbon SL HMF
  • O.L.D.: 148 mm
  • Brake: postmount disc 7"
  • BB: Shimano Steps
  • Cable routing: internal
Přední vidlice
Rock Shox ZEB Ultimate
  • Travel: 180 mm
  • Air suspension
  • Tapered Steerer 1 1/8" - 1.8"
  • O.L.D.: 110 mm
  • Brake: postmount disc 8"
Hlavové složení
Acros Blocklock Taper 1 1/8"-1 8"
  • Upper bearing cup: ZS56/28.6
  • Lower bearing cup: ZS66/46
Odpružená zadní vidlice
Rock Shox Super Deluxe Ultimate
  • Travel: 170 mm
  • Air suspension
  • Length: 205 mm
  • Shock travel: 65 mm
  • Mounting width: Trunnion Mount/25.0x8 mm
Shimano Deore XT
  • BR-MT8120
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • 4 pistons
  • Rotor: SM-RT86
  • Rotor size: 203/203 mm
  • 6-bolt


e*thirteen e*spec Plus
  • BB type: Shimano EP800 / Hollowtech
  • Boost chain line
e*thirteen e*spec Plus
  • 36 T
  • Narrow Wide
  • Boost chain line
Shimano Deore XT Shadow+
  • RD-M8100-SGS
  • 12-speed
  • Total capacity: 41 T
Shimano CN-M8100
Shimano Deore XT
  • CS-M8100-12
  • 12-speed
  • Combination: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51 T
MTB Alu Flatpedal Reflex
Gear ratio
Zoom 1.58 - 8.06 m, 1*12


Shimano EP800
  • Continuous rated power: 250 W
  • Max. torque: 85 nm
Darfon 726
  • Capacity: 726 Wh/20 Ah
  • Voltage: 36.3 V
  • Technology: Li-Ion
Breakaway at
25 km/h (15.5 mph)
No of notches
3 optimally graded driving modes plus walk assistance with support level up to 400 %
  • driving modes: customizable via E-Tube App


Zapletená kola
Race Face Turbine-R 35
  • Axle: QR15x110/12x148 mm
Schwalbe Magic Mary | Eddy Current Evolution
  • Tire size: 65-622 Super Trail
  • 65-584 Super Gravity
  • Foldable
  • Addix Soft compound
  • SnakeSkin
  • Tubeless Easy


Race Face Turbine-R
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Rise: 35 mm
  • Clamp: 35 mm
Race Face Turbine-R
  • Handlebar clamp: 35 mm
  • Angle: 0°
Fizik Terra Alpaca
Oxygen E-Scorpo DPR-E
  • Travel: 125 mm | 150 mm | 170 mm
  • Remote Lockout
  • Length: 390 mm | 440 mm | 480 mm
  • Diameter: 30.9 mm
  • Insertion depth: 100 mm
Shimano Deore XT
  • SL-M8100-IR I-Spec EV
  • 12-speed
Brzdové páky
Shimano Deore XT
  • BL-M8100 Servo Wave I-SPEC EV
  • 2 finger
Shimano SC-EM800


23.1 kg
Laden weight
140 kg
  • Bike incl. rider, clothing and luggage
Magic Black
29"/27,5" - 16", 18", 20", 22"


Boost-Standard Fork

What is right for the rear wheel is even more important at the front wheel - because steering precision matters. This is why STEVENS uses suspension forks and hubs with extra wide axle spacing for this bike. These 110mm of axle spacing are called "Boost" or "Plus" and stand for lots of added lateral stiffness plus space for extra wide studded tires.

Boost Rear Axle Spacing

This bike adheres to the "Boost" standard with 148 mm axle spacing. And there are good reasons for that. Rear wheel stiffness increases by 20 % which is especially beneficial in large 29" wheels. And there is more space for voluminous studded tires to give you more control and fun an the trail.

High Modulus Carbon Fibers

Only the very best materials are used for the highest quality STEVENS carbon frames - so called high modulus carbon fibres. They offer a perfect combination of maximum toughness and targeted elasticity. This way they provide maximum lateral stiffness for best forward drive and a high amount of comfort. Result: incredibly light and enormously stiff frames.

QR15 Front Thru-Axle

"15" stands for the diameter in millimeters, "QR" for quick release. Combined they are the most useful method to fix the front wheel to the (suspension) fork. With convincing advantages: high stiffness, precise positioning of the brake disc and super-easy handling. So STEVENS specs almost all its mountain bikes and even high-quality trekking bikes, cross bikes and pedelecs with a thru-axle. Additionally, especially with 29" MTBs axle spacing is increased from 100 to 110 mm which makes the design even stiffer.

Dropper Post

Optimum seating level for best drivetrain efficiency. Push the button: saddle down for best clearance on technical descents. Push the button: saddle up … this could go on forever - and on some technical trails the dropper post remote will be actuated more often than the front derailleur shift lever. Experts for fun and safety alike agree: Very rarely has an innovation meant so many convincing advantages and so little disadvantages like a dropper post with infinitely adjustable seat height.

Chain Stay Protector

Now you can tackle any downhill ramp without worry: The specially fitted chain stay protector prevents the chain stays of STEVENS carbon fullies from getting damaged by a slapping chain.

Tapered Steerer / Tapered Headtube

Fork shaft (or steerer tube) and head tube are tapered, meaning their diameter increases from top to bottom resulting in a conical shape. The diameter needs to be bigger at the bottom since this is where higher stress is applied - especially when the bike has a higher total weight due to luggage or an e-drive and battery. Also tapered steerers feature a smoother force transfer (like forces caused by hard braking) to the downtube than forks with a continuous 1 1/8" diameter.

4-piston disc brakes

4-piston disc brakes

The demanding riders of high-end MTBs and touring e-bikes - with or without "E" support - are satisfied with nothing less than the most powerful hydraulic disc brakes in terms of braking performance and riding safety. They have 4 pistons per caliper instead of 2, and their larger brake pads can withstand much more heat, making them almost immune to fading (less friction due to heating).


Logo Höchste Anerkennung

Höchste Anerkennung


Mit dem E-Inception trifft STEVENS ins Schwarze. Geringes Gewicht, starke Reichweite, durchdachte Details. Und auch die Fahreigenschaften überzeugen – Testurteil Super.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Velikost rámu (")   16 18 20 22 Způsob měření
Délka sedlové trubky A1 648 660 672 695 nominální
Délka sedlové trubky A2 390 430 460 510 od středu šlapání k hornímu okraji sedlové trubky
Délka sedlové trubky A3 315 315 316 354 od středu šlapání k napojení horní rámové trubky na sedlovou trubku
Délka horní rámové trubky B 557 573 596 623  
Efektivní délka horní rámové trubky C 590 610 635 660 od středu hlavové trubky do středu sedlovky/sedlové trubky
Úhel hlavové trubky (°) D 63,7 63,7 63,7 63,7  
Úhel sedlové trubky (°) E 75 75 75 75  
Rozvor F 1228 1249 1276 1310  
Délka řetězové vzpěry G 450 450 450 450  
Výška hlavové trubky H 105 115 130 155  
Vzdálenost středu od nábojů I 13,5 13,5 13,5 13,5 vzdálenost náboje*
Výška středu od země K 355 355 355 355 vzdálenost osy šlapacího středu od země*
Předsazení vidlice L 44 44 44 44  
Vertikální rozdíl nejvyšší a nejnižší části rámu - sloping M 300 312 317 305 Rozdíl sklonu horní rámové trubky od vodorovné osy kola
Poloměr kola N 362/ 375 362/ 375 362/ 375 362/ 375 včetně plášťů
Výška nejnižší části rámu O 774 774 774 808 od horní rámové trubky k zemi*
Výška vidlice P 595 595 595 595 od středu náboje ke konusu hlavového složení, včetně konusu*
Odstup mezi osou pedálu a předním kolem Q 779 799 826 860  
Nominální dosah - Reach R 428 445 465 485 Od středu řízení do středu horní rámové trubky horizontálně
Nominální výška - Stack S 628 637 651 672 Od středu šlapání do středu horní rámové trubky vertikálně
Výška/Dosah (Stack/Reach) (1:x)   1,47 1,43 1,40 1,39 Poměr Výška/Dosah
Průměr sedlovky   30,9 30,9 30,9 30,9  
Délka představce   40 40 50 50 střed-střed
Úhel představce (°)   0 0 0 0  
Průměr řídítek   35 35 35 35  
Distanční podložky pod představec   12,5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 10 + 10  
Šířka řídítek   800 800 800 800  
Délka klik   165 165 165 165  
    16 18 20 22  

* Hodnoty změřené se zatížením jezdcem v standardní jízdní pozici (s lehce stlačenou odpruženou vidlicí/případně tlumičem)

* measured 100 mm ahead of bottom bracket

* S cyklistou na palubě a lehce napruženými pružinovým kabelem (Standardní poloha jízdy)